Diary 10th July 2014

Singing proclaimers songs  via a karaoke style.  Guy who tries robbing my phone stands on such a position for the concert n readys himself for the production.

Woman says if I don’t want my phone stolen put it away. I put it down my trousers he attempts to then my I put it in my trousers pocket. Again he attempts to.

In chatting to someone. and I mention my mother in Romania thinking I’m ready. I go manic which i had to awaken myself.


Well I was suppose to see Chef with O’ Farrell. Review will be provided in due course. However, I checked my phone, for missed phone calls, or texts and even FB Messenger. Nothing. So I just stayed on in bed and got up later than normal as a result of the dream I was getting of me Ma(Romania). Then I noted, that my box was low on space, so I just watched the Days News Bulletins.


I also forgot to mention that when Todd yesterday after the movies asked me if I was feeling sexy at pride and when I said yeah his reply well “fuck what anyone thinks.” Which was  and is my attitude.




Its official .We have a South America V Europe FIFA World Cup 2014 Final. Argentina and Germany will go head to head in the final. It will be a repeat of the 1986 final in which Argentina won the final that year and the 1990 final in which the-then West Germany won that year.


A Texan faces per capital murders faces the Death penalty after shooting 6 ppl. After 4 hr standoff. He shot his estranged wife. 2 adults and 3 children were shot dead. 4-13 yrs old were the age bracket. a 15 yr old girl who was shot in da head, alerted the police, is critical in hospital.


The latest in the Garth Brooks saga aka(otherwise known as) Garth Gate. Garth has been offered by Dublin City Council’s City Manager: Owen Keegan. He has been offered 3 of the five concerts and the last 2 of the 5 to matinee. As I understand Garth has he himself rejected it and his promoter(Aiken) stating “It’s not feasible”.

Earlier on he held a press conference where he expressed a “its also under a cloud”. He hopes that “joy will eventually shine”. He expressed “Everything was rockin'” He continued “Up to 10 days ago, 2 weeks ago, It was nothing but love”.Emotionally he stated “Don’t sell a show to people and get their hopes up that you’re gonna just cancel on em and that’s ok”. Beggingly he said “and if the prime minister(In Republic of Ireland, we call him Taoiseach – which is Irish for Prime Minster) himself wants to talk to me”, he would “crawl, swim”. He would even “fly, over there this weekend. Sit in front of him, drop on my knees and beg”.

Expressing being a loser: “Anyone in Ireland, anyone on the planet is sad about this, you’re not one billionth as sad as I am”. He expresses that he is the  “Real looser” and is just looking for a “simple yes”.

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