Diary 12th July 2014

As I was up pretty late looking at Touched By An Angel and a lovely visit by my sis, I was forced to cancel plans on seeing How To Train Your Dragon 2. Review will be provided in due course.

I did forget to mention thou however, that on my way to the cinema yesterday, I had rang Dad to pass on my deepest condolences relating to his long time friend SOD(Sean O’ Dwyer). He apparently was sick for a while. He died of Stomach cancer, which in turn, spread around.  I had helped him with Broadband at one stage. Back when my sis n I were young, my Aunty(Nun), made us into a fit. My sis n I were talking about SOD(which I’ve already told you what it stands for). If you say it as a term, its like a sod of turf, however our Aunty said no, that’s suds(which I don’t for the life of me, don’t get how that came about – although I think we were washing up dishes or something). Eitherway we both got a great laugh. Maureen(Nun) couldn’t understand the joke. hahaah. May he RIP. When my sis first told me, that dear Sean went, I was like to myself, “Only the good ones go”. I was referring NOT ONE of my Mom’s side ain’t going. Which is UNREAL. hahaha.

While I was on the phone to Pops, I first thanked him for the cash and he asked when I can do the citizenship. He wanted me up today at 11am. I said as I have plans made, its not possible. As in I’d have to finalise em. Now think of this guys. I was only going to bed at 4pm this afternoon, so OBVIOUSLY not possible.

So now getting back to today, I had the alarm for 7.15. I was expectandlty exhausted and groggy. So I just stayed on. Miraculously, I woke up again at half 10pm. So I was thinking of giving the iMAX of Transformers(Review here) a miss. I then decided, while I don’t have O’ Farrell with me or anyone else for that matter, I said I’d go. I was a bit apprehensive in going as its not normal going to a cinema for half 11. But eitherway, I headed on off. I was going to do the route, I normally do for exercise purposes, but that I might be late for the food. As they stop serving at 20mins BEFORE the last film is shown. However as luck would have it, I arrived within safety comfort. So I made my way to the screen. As it happens there was hardly a soul there. Eitherway, it didn’t bother me. hahaha

So I then popped into Indian Taste on the way home, to get a grub. I found the mannerisms of the guy serving me to be of missing. The packaging of the food thou, spectacular.



Junior Minister for Rural Affairs post may be made when the Taoiseach announces the Junior Minstery of the Cabinet Reshuffle next week. It may go to a Labour Party TD.

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