Diary 13th July 2014

As I went to bed QUITE late aka 4pm, a half hour earlier than yesterday – hahaha. It played up on getting to my sis quite late. So I then got up and got ready. Then I ended up at her place. I did appear to be a bit of a distraught ie in grievance as in the death of my Paps, good friend Sean. May he RIP. WE chatted for a bit. Its all we did. Not even a TV show let alone a movie. hahaha.

There were things on my mind. As in when I went in, I was about to burst into tears cause of the grievance. As I said to my sis on FB, “only the good ones are going”. I had mentioned that I had hope to have Ailish and Noel over in the Outhouse, but then noted that they NEVER go out and or have a chat. I’ve always chatted with em in their house. NEVER outside. So I’ve had to drop them. I shall consider Mulligan(Ailish’s Sister) and Eileen(Ailsih’s Mom, My Mom’s sister) thou. It then occurred to me, that I never had my Aunty(Nun) over at the Outhouse. She claims she ain’t a homophobe. So I shall put it to her very soon.

We then chatted about Sean’s death and brought many fond memories of him. (which is quite limited). I had remembered him, in terms of me helping him with the Broadband and the Cards that they used to play. My Dad and his friends used to play cards every month or so. They used to play in each others houses. When it was time for our house, my Mom would get a Chinese in for the men, and that we eat the leftovers. However since they have moved on in years, eg. Frank who suffered a stroke a few years ago, then there John Cadogan who sadly passed away a few years ago, then there’s Gilbert, who has difficulty in breathing ie Tanks literally every step in his house. So its a pretty sad state of affairs. So they don’t play cards anymore.

Afterwards the issue of my Mom in which I brought. Ahem the one in Romania I mean. In that I expressed the “feeling of someone following me” and dark LITERALLY dark shadows. My sis advised that its a possibility that as I have NO contact whatsoever with my birth mother and she the same with me. So my sis was trying to say that someone’s trying to deliver news or contact via means of shadows or at the very least the “feeling” of being followed. Even on the way home, I heard something fall, thought it was coins or something. I even put the flash light of my cell phone on to see if anything dropped. But nothing. Then shortly afterwards, I got the “feeling” of being followed again. THANKFULLY no shadow let alone a dark one. Thats freaky alrite. But the feeling is quite scary thou. Ever since the feeling I have been getting, I have had thoughts that my Mom is actually WANTING me, as I expressed to me sis, that I have the need of being WANTED. Of course I have my Mom over hear, BUT when she goes, I’ll have my sis of course, BUT NO MOM. etc., etc.,

I explained the Croke Park Debacle of Garth Brooks. I asked my sis who does me Pops blame. He said Garth himself. I somewhat agree. BUT, I actually blame the Promoters and the GAA. Of course he wouldn’t blame the GAA. He loves his GAA – hahahah.

Then a delicate topic was brought up. I brought it up as inspired by Touched By An Angel whereby a person was having an episode of Paranoid Schizophrenia. I asked her if there was a way, I could “see” what that person is actually seeing whilst having the episode.

Dad loosing buckets of weight in our opinion cause of the “potential” loss of medical card. As I explained already about his medical card entitlements, my Dad’s Medical card will be revoked which will be a big blow if it is being revoked. Now we men, don’t like to express our feelings or whatever, clearly by his Weight loss, that’s a possibility. Now his Dr., did say thou to loose weight, BUT the amount of weight he has lost, its a bit of a worry. In that he’s hardly eating unlike the way he used to. He’s even giving me food that he can’t fininsh. So my sis n I came to the conclusion that’s its a possibility that he’s ain’t eating as much, so that he can save on Medical Bills, ie Medication etc.,

Shortly before I left my sis, I asked her what does she think of what my friend Todd had said. In that when I was with him at the bar after Mrs. Brown’s Boys: D’Movie(Review here) he had expressed on the way to the movie, his concern relating to a post I had put up. He’s referring to a Hangman post. In which it states that if you continue to push a person to the limits, he/she may die ie through suicide or whatever. I had denied of such. He said that it must have been on my mind at the time.

Then I had stated that I have lost the mojo, or moxi or whatever when relating to the Citizenship and getting the requirements. I had told her, that I was moving to New York NOT for homophobia reasons, BUT the lack of respect or love from the LGBT Community over hear. Then relating to the Gay Marriage Referendum that  as the Referendum has been moved to Spring of ’15, that I’ve lost the mojo for that too in getting the Citizenship Documents prepped up.

My sis was worried that when she tags a person that her name will appear on her exs page. As I understand, if you block a person, you’re name will NOT be visible to that person. As far as that person is concerned, the person will think you’ve deleted your Facebook Account.

So I arrived home safe and sound, after the weird visioning, I had been encountering on the way home. I found my remote, that I had been searching for a few hours. I had to resort to manual which is a pain. I had to use the buttons on the Box in question.

I finally can now continue to download my gay porn. I had to pause it as my router was reset with the amount of disconnection on a constant basis. It was annoying me. So I reset it and compeltly forgot about my porn connection. I had forgotten how to forward my ports which is required to download Torrents ie gay porn.



Germany first to win as a Unified Nation. West Germany won 3 times.. No European nation has ever won the Competition in South America


Bill O’ Herlihy bows out after 50 years on TV. Anchored 10 World Cups. The 1990 World Cup was a career highlight. Born in Cork. He started his career with the Cork Examiner.  Moved from Print to RTE CA then to Sport. His Swan Song is gonna be the FIFA World Cup Final 2014 between Argentina and Germany.


It has been announced that Minister for Mental Health Kathleen Lynch(Labour) has been confirmed as to staying in her portfolio with an added responsibility of Primary Care. The remaining Junior Minisiterys will be announced by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD on Tuesday.


Pope Francis has been quoted as saying that he intends on finding a “Solution” to the celibacy issue of the Catholic Church.

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