Diary 16th July 2014

Well today was particularly a quite day. In that I was due to see How To Train Your Dragon 2. and of course Transformers. However as I went to bed late, I got up late. So I got up at half 7, and headed on towards the Outhouse first whereby I came across, Bernard, Declan and a few of the lads. Nice to see em. heeheh. Sven said some joke, of which I didn’t understand. And so he actually just simpley says were all normal. hahha. Declan didn’t recognise me with all my clothes on. Now that’s a good one. ahahah. So then I had a nice Peppermint tea. It was absolutely lovely today. Which is kinda weird. Like I left it to brew as instructed yesterday, when my sis n I “brewed” the tea. My mouth was only a peppermint taste. I’m still even tasting it. Yesterday in my sis’ place, I only realsied that for the Green Tea to be effective, ya have to brew the tea ie leave the bag alone WITHOUT squeezing.  Ya learn something new everyday. ahaha


Interesting point was brought up on Tonight with Vincent Browne, relating to the recently appointed Junior Ministers. The host Tom McGuirk(who is deputising Vincent Browne) asked a very interesting, which is “Why is do so few go into Politics”. Carol Hunt(Journalist, The Sunday Independent); expresses “its a very much AntiFamily timetable”. In that for a “man who has a woman at home, a wife”. While Pat Leahy(Political Editor, Sunday Business Post); says its a “miserable life”. I completely agree with Carols point. Like going back to the olden days. Whereby women were homewives and stayed at home while the men worked.


GAA and Aiken Promotions have appeared for the first time to the Public Accounts Committee. No surprise it has been a blaming game.

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