Dawn The Planet of the Apes

Well I was quite taken to the film. At times, I would agree with one of my mates reaction in which he said that people were seen leaving the film, cause that actually happened tonight as well at my screening I was at. The plot was basic Human V Apes. However that was twisted, hence I got slightly lost. But got back on the band wagon. In that at the beginning of the film, the film introduces parts from the first part of the sequel: The Rise of the Planet of the Apes. We are then treated with Caesar;s face from his eye balls then it is revealed to be that of Caesar when the camera zooms OUT. Caesar’s face at the end is zoomed IN into the opposite direction. I did get a bit of a heartwarming drama from it. But Emotional, my friend beside me was blubbering. I seam to have lost the plot if that’s the case. hahaah. It is then found that Kobo betrays Caesar and frames the Humans. But Caesar knows the truth BUT not the other Apes YET. Eventually a battles ensues. One thing that really bothered me thou was the SUBTITLES. The Apes should have been able to speak CONSTANTLY. Like they did actually speak, but at times, they didn’t. THAT I DID NOT LIKE.


People were seen leaving the film.





6 thoughts on “Dawn The Planet of the Apes

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