Diary 17th July 2014

I got up around half 6. I got a missed a call from O’Farrell. I  had sent him a message if he wants to see Dawn of The Planet of The Apes. Review here. So I set about heading on off to meet him in the OUthouse.


On my way, I encountered 4 young lads cycling together. THey’s all were very sxc. mmmm. One had a black say TShirt with braces and a tracky shorts, another had a shorts and a black tanktop with Sunglasses. Another had a Blond dyed hair, red top and combat shorts. 2 of the 4 had sandals. mmmm all the way.

On my journey after meeting the sxcs, I then encountered 3 large groups of students who are studying English as a foreign language. 2 at least. Not sure about the last group. More than likely thou, I’d say.

Then I saw an Ambulance struggling to move on. Then all of a sudden, I got thoughts of me in a situation of me in heavy traffic and there’s an ambulance behind me. I go manic, to Mom who’s in the passenger seat. I get out of the car in manic state and tell Mom, she can move the car. Although a space is made, I can’t monuvere the car and hence I get the Ambulance to move to the space. But they want me to move to the space. I couldn’t move the car with the panic attack. I don’t deal well when I’m under pressure.


So I then arrived and saw O’ Farrell sitting waiting for me. heheeh. Bernard came round for a wee chat. Bernard mentioned a post, I posted on my FB a few days ago “How Gay Are You”. I took the test. And it was found I am 33%. My sis is 67%. Bernard however 13%. And O’ Farrell if I recall about 27%. How a woman can get up to 67%, yeah rightttttt. I said its total bull. Then Bernard mentioned as we were going to the newly released movie Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, that Laurence(whom I was hanging around with day after Dublin Gay Pride Parade) had said that when he went to the movie, that 6 ppl left the film. It was compeltly horrible. I then said that Sue Murphy from Her.ie on Ireland AM(She does Movie review) she totally enjoyed it, a bit emotional at times. So the two of us headed ontowards the movie, and I then asked O’ Farrell, that Declan’s remark, is it NOT a nice thing. Declan the previous day, had said that he “didn’t recognise me with my clothes” – possibly referring to the Pride debacle as I like to call it.)


Ahh the sooner I get to the States, the better. Clearly I don’t belong to the LGBT Community here in Ireland let alone Dublin.


So then afterwards, I walked O’ Farrell to his bus stop. While doing so we stopped beside a sxc guy. O’ Farrell then moved onwards. I then asked why you move from a sxc guy. Something liek that. He quoted to me “Age Majority” from the Irish Statute website. He assumed the age of 17 of the cutie. Legal age of consent of sex is 17 in Ireland. Of Adult its 18. I said to him a few weeks ago, that as long, as I don’t express my feelings/attraction or whatever to him, OR that I don’t have any sexual activity, why shoudl the law be quoted to me. He was most strict with this. I don’t care. Unless I DON’T have sex with an UNDER 17, OR I have ADVANCES then, I should be alrite.


Age Majority



Malysisain Airline MH17 has crashed above Ukrainian Airspace just beyond Donetske. Over 200 were on board. It was hit by a missile. There is blaming game. This comes after the previous Malaysian Airline MH370 disappeared without a trace back in March 8th of this year.


Ticketmaster(Ireland’s ticketing Requirements for concerts etc., etc.,) has  started the refund of over 400,000 fans. This is a devastating loss to the local economy. 70,000 Overseas visitors will be affected. Dublin City Council has although to entice the visitors and fans of the affected cancelled concert to stay on in Dublin for the “Dublin Goes Country”. The refund process, has made the concerts Officially cancelled.


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