Diary 19th July 2014

Another item, I forgot to mention was that O2 rang me last week. They had been trying to get through to me a few times. So alas they got through. All they wanted to know was how I’m getting on with my Plan. As in is there anything they can do to improve. As it happens, they were willing to offer me the Samsung Galaxy S4 as a free upgrade. As I understand S5 has been out for a while now. So why offer me an Oldie. He first asked me though what do I use less onto the network. I said DATA. So he asked which of the 3 do I use most: DATA, Calls, or Texts. I said DATA. So he said that he would double my Data to 4GB from 2GB.

I asked if getting a free double Data and/or a free upgrade would that extend my contract. He said, just getting a new phone, that would extend my contract.

Last Thurs with O’ Farrell, I was getting the food and the sorbet as per usual. I couldn’t enjoy the sorbet as I had forgotten to get the spoon. hahaha. So instead as the cinema was packed and the movie: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes(Review here) had started, I wasn’t in the mood to start getting the spoon, so I just let it melt and just drank it.


While sleeping, Just before I headed on off to sleep, I was taking photos of my babes, the inflatables. I had low battery. I said I’d try a different approach. I use the flash light of the cell phone and use that and take the pics WITHOUT the flash of the camera. Low and behold it worked. heeheh


So I then headed to sleep for a few winks, as I had extended my sleep. So while sleeping I had dreams of me looking through a window at a concert ie people singing outside. Micheál Martin TD(Irish Politician – Leader of the Fianna Fáil) is dressed as a priest. Comedy ensues when I see a guy eyeing up someone. It so happens its Will Smith. He’s in the bathroom, wetting his pants. I then attempt to get him back with his girlfriend and son.

I was while trying to sleep was trying to memories a scene from a movie or tv show whereby the character is asked how he did that. The character replies just use your “wrist buddy. “I then realsied it was actually Spidey from Amazing Spiderman 2(Review here). Andrew Garfield(Peter Parker) was replying to Dane DeHaan(Harry Osborne). I then fast forwarded myself in a Spidey Unitard suit for Halloween’14 for the Outhouse Annual party.


So I eventually got up around 6ish. Dispite the fact I had over 30hr sleep, I didn’t care. But skipping tonight’s event, was a big NO NO. So I got up and headed on off. On the way, I did my secretarial duties. I rang Brendan O’ F, Mom and Maureen. I rang Brendan to see whats up. After much tooing and frowing He decided to come along. I rang Mom back to thank her for the grub she left me. It was sent to Voicmeail.

I rang Muareen back to see what did she mean by “Message from or about the Environment”. I got this particular voicemail Friday evening. So I just wanted to see what exactly she meant.

On my way tot he film, I encounter a woman, just as I was crossing the Kings Inn St., she wanted to know if I knew anything about Bus Stops. She mentioned she wanted the 16 Bus. I asked whcih direction is she going. She mentioned Drumcondra.  The location we were at is literally a stone’s throw. So I said that if she wanted she could walk. It’d take about 15-20 mins to walk.  I did offer if she still wanted the bus, that she’d encounter it shortly. She was most appreciative. She mentioned that it was her first day here. Be it Ireland or Dublin. Not sure exactly. I said “Enjoy your time here”.


So then eventually, I did meet with O’ Farrell. He was slightly delayed with traffic. Which was kinda late. But he was here. That’s the main thing. So I then went to pay for the tickets for the main event of the night. Andrea Rieu; 10th Anniversary in Maastricht. The machine declined it, even if it didn’t ask for my PIN. I had checked my O2 Money account previous. Yet it was declined. Brendan found it strange that it didn’t ask for my PIN number. Well it finally recognised my details. Got our food etc., and then headed on up to the screen, which was free seating in that we could sit anywhere. When we arrived, we were possibly the youngest of the lot. We didn’t care. I sang or hummed to my hearts content. Music brings the greatest in me. every time. I was thinking of my Mom(Romania), I would get a bit teary, so that every time, I sang or hummed as I said, I would dismiss my Mom. My heart was palpitating on a consistent basis. Again every time, I sang to my heart’s content, my heart would go back to normal. So yeah “Music Is My Life”. The format of the show was as follows. There was an Intermission, and then Andre Rieu himself was interviewed. During the Intermission there was an older gentlemen telling another person that “Technology’s a great thing”. The reason this was said was that Andre’s concert from Maastricht was LIVE from Maastricht VIA Satellite. The last time something of this was done was when Pope Francis, beatified two Pope’s: Pope John Paul 2nd and Pope John 23rd back in April of this year. Throughout the concert, Andre mentioned a very interesting quote. As it happens he was introducing his next act. A woman who had fallen in love from another country. As in “Love no knows no Borders”. The woman being from Ukraine and Russia. Not one mention of Current Affairs was brought up. Which I kinda thought so. As it happens, later I learned that Andre on his sight had actually extended his deepest sympathies on  his website relating to the Plane crash of the MH17 last Thurs. Andre introduced a 9 yr old young girl he found from Holland’s Got Talent: AMira. She had such an amazing voice. She sang an operatic piece. Brendan told me that “Ode to Joy” is actually the National Anthem of Europe. I vaguely recall this. But never knew the extent of truth of this. We got talking to this couple: Marget and John who were beside us. They and the rest of the audience were totally mesmerized by the singing and the dancing. I actually and all the rest of us felt we were actually there at the actual event. Then at the end of the Concert, Andre himself was interviewed by the Presenter in Holland. It was translated for us into English. One quote that stuck by me was “Sell your gun and buy a violin.”. Brendan himself revealed that he had attempted to play the violin. Andre’s quote is very true indeed. His point was that instead of killing people with guns, is to kill em with love and of course Music.

So then when the Interview was finished, we headed on down to the tickets, to get get the Transformers 4: Age of Extinction(Review here). Brendan headed on home, as he had to get the bus.


So on the way home, from a wonderful night, I encountered the Salvation Army. I recognised the name quite well. Possibly the one in the UK and also possibly in the US(where they don’t want any gays at all). Then when I came across the Kings Inn St road layout which is arseways, a car turned into the junction thats for cyclists and the taxi obviously knew where to go. He went ahead. He had a smile, however the car before him, driven by a woman, had  NO smile at all. Would ya blame her. Such arseways of thinking of the layout of the entering the street. My mom over here had such trouble at one stage.



As it happens, there 2 Irish people aboard the plane that crashed. She had been visiting her mother from Australia. Originally from Palmerstown. As it happens Son his wife who was lost in the Malalysian Airlines MH370 back in March, now have lost step granddaughter n her husband.

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