Diary 24th July 2014

Well I continued my hibernation period. As I still wasn’t feeling myself. So sleep in my opinion just literally a comfort. I was actually due to go out to Howth by bike(oh hell to the no, me walking about 20km too and 20km back.)

I then recall yesterday,, when I was with my sis, that there was an auld lad in his 70s is what i’d give him. He was wearing SHORT shorts and a TShirt(I think a Dublin GAA Tshirt). Then on a different day, there was a lad in Pink Top AND shorts, so why the hell was I homophobically called a “Faggot” then. I had Pink Tank Top and Navish color shorts. The last time, I was called such a name was back in my secondary school days. Now thats quite a hellish of a long time, ain’t it. hahaha.

I then headed to my hibernation. While attempting to sleep, I was thinking to myself, of Diagnosis that ain’t popular such as Borderline Personality Disorder or the Joanne O’ Riordan’s No Limbs(aka Total Amelia – a person who is born without limbs). My point being, if something is not popular, how come you can have a name for the diagnosis. Like its like asking how much is a product that is not even for sale. etc.,

While at Dinner yesterday with the folks, I somehow asked about Gortahork, or somehow he came in the convo, I asked Mom if she remembers shortly after Mary Harney’s funeral(Maura’s(Dad’s Sister in Law) step sister(twould appear she was adopted BUT in Ireland, not like me OUTSIDE of Ireland) that we both looked out a window on a rainy day out at Tory Island. I was gobsmacked that she actually does. Now can you tell me guys, how come she remembers such a drauny sad affairs YET she don’t remember say last week or even my homophobia days.

The other night I was walking home from my sis at 4am was so beautiful. Turning night into morning. There were these two seagulls looking down at me and making theses noises. At one stage I thought they’re following me, at another they’s gonna attack me or another do shit on me. In fact there’s a song called “Four In The Morning” By none other than Daniel O’ Donnell.

I then slept and woke up for a bit for a bathroom break. While attempting to sleep, I did a comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S5, Notes 3 & 4 and of course my Sammy(Samsung Galaxy S3)


74 Coffins will arrive in the next scheduled 2 flights of the MH17 victims. So far 40 Coffins have arrived at Hilversum.


Algeria National Airline AirAlgeria has lost contact with a flight to on behalf of Swift Air a Spanish McDonall Doughles C10. Flying from OUagadougou Burkina Faso from Algiers. It ran into bad weather. It disappeared after the diversion. 110 perished including Crew. Over 50 had French citizens. The deadliest 116. All feared dead. Wreckage located in Tilempsie, in Mali(around 70km from where contact was lost). Located in the Sahara Desert

Over 50 French

Miariann Yaham Ibraheem, the woman who caused International Outrage, when she was sentenced to death from Sudan, has been spared. She was sentenced to death just because she converted to Christianity from Islam. She was also barred from leaving Sudan. She arrived on an Italian Government with Junior Minister of Foreign Affairs.

UN Human Rights Commission finds that Ireland’s Laws on Abortion are far TOO restiricive.

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