How To Train Your Dragon 2

The movie introduces Dragons and Humans getting along. The first movie, made this happen. So while the games are getting on, Hiccup(Baruchel) and Toothless(Dragon) go on an adventure. They then encounter Hiccups’s Mom Valka(Blanchett) and wild dragons too. When Hiccups meets his mother: He asks: “Should I know you?” Her reply is what really got to me: “No, you were just a babe. But a mother never forgets”. When Stoick finally meets his estranged Wife(Valka), interesting welcome awaits her: “You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you”. They all finds themselves embroiled in a bid to fight for peace. During their journey they come across Son of Eret(Harrignton), in which Hiccups and Astrid(Ferrerea) return home to warn the Home ground(known as Berk). Hiccup attempts to warn Stoick, hwoever he ignores: “A man who kills without reason cannot be reasoned with.”Then eventually get all captured by the REAL guy Drago(Hounsou).Son of Eret then has a change of heart and decided to help the crew. It is with great sadness that Stoick(Butler) was killed off by Drago’s Alpha which he also killed Valka’s Alpha. Overall, I found the film, to be heartwarming. No question. The scenes of the Hiccups’ Mom(Blanchett) really got to me. So if your adopted or fostered orwhatever u wanna call it, just make sure it doesn’t affect you as such. We were also treated to comedy of course. When Ruffnut(Wiig) sees Son of Eret;s Biceps she instantly falls in love. hhahha. This is portrayed throughout the film.



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