Diary 27th July 2014


Well after getting up slightly tired(not too much) considering I was up til 6am ie 6HRS of enjoying my belated birthday celebrations. hahaah.

I only realsied today, why my ass was soar and my Jnr too. Its because I never used the Lube, that was provided FREE of charge. Why I never thought of it. And I wouldn’t mind, I was carrying BOTH the condom and the lube around me everywhere.

I then got up for to see my sis. I was just gonna head off without showering, however with the smell of the Boilerhouse(which is kinda weird btw), I decided to shower for a quickie. Then I headed on off to see my sis.

When I arrived, I read out my Blog entry of 26th July. 2014.

She was eating a bag of crisps of Bacon Flavored. And I saw a label Suitable for Vegetarians. That got me thinking. If you’re thinking of  becoming a Veggie let alone being a vegetarian for years or whatever, why then make a product or eat it, when you are trying to ABSTAIN from Meat. Don’t make sense in my books.

Rant over, thou had a great time. She’s a bit down atm. She was sleepy when I arrived. We chatted for a bit. Then we looked at Two and A Half Men. Great to see it. Great memories back. She reminded me and of recent times a few times actually, that there was a time we did a marathon of Two and A Half Men back at home, where we grew up. Great times were had. No question of it.

She seperatly told me the “ghost” like image I saw when I was at a film last week, that, that signifies good news”, in that the person is trying to tell you, that he/she who has past on, is actually out of pain etc., I told her that whether its REg or my mother or whoever or now the recently disceased SÓD, that I’ll NEVER EVER forget my mom Marianna.


The Ilfated Costa Concordia wreck has arrived at the Italian Port of Genoa, where it is to be taken apart fro scrappage. Its the biggest ever Marine salvage operations. It has been at sea for 4 days being towed by 4 tug boats from the Island of Gilio where 32 Lives were lost when it collapsed and capsized onto a Reef 2 years ago.

100 years ago today, The Asgard(Boat name) delivered weapons to the Irish Volunteers, which were later used in the 1916 Easter Rising. The Asgard(Owned by Eskers Childers(Former President, and British Writer)), docked in July 1914 in Howth, Co. Dublin. The centenary was lead by Uachtarán na hÉireann: Michael D Higgins.  Those who took part in the Gun Running, were recognsied by The President. He lead a special Commemorative Ceremony. He layed a wreath in tributed to those involved in the Gun Running.


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