Diary 29th July 2014

Just as I had published my blog I got. I was looking down at my WordPress Menu on the left hand side of the screeen. It was telling me I had 1 comment. Even though my Notifications on my right handside, saying there was none. ie grey. So I searched got it and it said I had to mark as NOT spam. And then approve. I was really moved when I saw the comment. Here’s what the person wrote:

Hi there! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site

with us so I came to check it out. I’m definitely

enjoying the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting

this to my followers! Fantastic blog and wonderful design and style.


Awww thank you so much Novoline. I can’t say how happy I am to receive such lovely comment. I appreciate it so much.

So then onwards, for today. I got up around 2ish. With a few missed calls from Mom. She wanted me to ring O2 in Artane, to find out what gives relating to Sammy 2(Samsung Galaxy Note 3). I attempted to ring them, couldn’t get through to them at all.

So then I headed on to meet my sis, BUT on the way, I first got my dole. I went to the Post Office. Then went across the road to AIB to lodge my money. Armed with the cash MINUS the Bank details, I couldn’t lodge my cash as I didn’t have my Bank Account details to hand at all. I was gonna try, but didn’t want to start guessing games. So then, I decided to leave it, and head on up towards Scribbles to top up my O2 Money card with Ailish(Birthday money) and my Pap’s(Payment for gardening last Saturday). On my way, to Scribbles, who should I see but a member of the Vegetarian Society of Ireland – Sarah. Twas wonderful to see her. Would you believe it, I haven’t been at a Vegetarian Meetup let alone since February. So I explained that I had been going through some Mental Health difficulties. She was sorry to hear of this. So hopefully I will be able to travel along to a meetup in the near future. Just as I had finished chatting to Sarah or as she put it, “Nice to see you stranger” – hahaaha. Mom beeped at me. She was signifying with her hand gestures for me to meet her, where I thought was on Botanic Ave., So I quickly checked, But as it happens, couldn’t find her. So then I headed on towards Scribbles to top up my O2 Money. I had given the clerk €70(for the actual topup) + €50(for the top up fee of €2.50). She obviously took the €70, BUT gave me back the €50 and change of the €2.50. I figured something was not right. And me being the honest guy, attempted to go back to her. She was under the illusion of that because she added the two together 70 + 50 = 120. She was giving me change of 120. Which I find interesting. Reasons being, is €70 she keeps. – Granted. €50 – she should give me change of that. ie €47.50. Ill ask me Paps about this. She what he says. So I went into Tescos to get milk, for my sis’ place, as I was low on it.

So then, I got a voicemail from Mom. And noted that she was still waiting for me BUT at Holybank and some road off it, Berkely Rd., something like that. I was half way near home, now and on my way to meet my sis for a meal. So I rang her back, and she told me that she was at the Berkley Rd., just off Holybank Rd., I then said to her that I was half way home now. So she headed on home. I then met my sis eventually. We had a lovely meal. Very filling indeed. heeheh. She enjoyed it immensely herself. So then we both headed to Tescos. I wanted to see if they have the Almond milk. Couldn’t see nor sight of it. So then onwards to her gaf. We had a nice chilling time. She wasn’t the best of the news she had to tell me about my dear Mom Marianna in Romania. As expected, it has been told that she is suffering from Domestic Abuse. Romania is so backwards. Mom (here in Ireland) told my sis that my mother don’t want to know me. She even has a restraining order. And get this, she didn’t even want me in the country. I would like your opinion on this guys. A Bit OTT don’t ya think. So I have come to the conclusion that its all to do with the Step Dad. Like, if my mother didn’t want me at all, she’d have aborted me, don’t ya all think. That’s just my attitude towards the whole thing. As I said to my sis, that’s where the “Bondage” between mother and son. Like she went through hell carrying a child and giving birth. She was probably threatened or something. So then we were looking at Two and A Half Men. It was getting a bit annoying with all the censoring. So I asked her what time does her episodes come in. I saw that it came in the early afternoon. I kinda gathered that was the case. Cuase in the afternoon, kids could be at home or something.

So then, I headed on home. And have been relaxing since.


Filming of Star Wars 7 movie, has been continuing on in Skellig Michael. 2 mile Exclusion has been.

Former VIce President Candididate for John McCain and Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has unveiled her TV Channel. For $9.95 per month, you will get all the round News and some personal insights to her life.


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