Diary 31st July 2014

After my now ever so popular hibernations I got up. As today I was to get clothes from Lidl. However as I got up at 9.18am, I was still wrecked(even after 15hrs sleep), I just lied on. So then eventually I got up around 2ish. I showered an all.

So I headed to Lidls with my new baby(Sammy 2). My first stop was Ballybough Stores, to topup my O2 Money. On my way I noted a few quick things. In that there’s a kid wants to sell something. I just completely ignore him. And he literally screams “HEY”. Talk about missing all the minor details, If I were to cycle. hahaha, as with cycling or even driving, you have to concentrate. Whereas with walking, ya don’t have to concentrate. hahah

Even I was thinking to meself(or as Paps would say, that’d be  dangerous – hahaah), that I’ma gonna get me a banger of a car. So cheap you have no idea. hahaha. But then I was calculating €10 per week, for Car Insurance. then I relasied, I’d be required to pay Car Tax and some other car finance. So I calculated this to be 520×3 nearing €2k. Then all of this fell through, as my income ain’t steady at all.

Then lateron, further to my travels, I encounter Nuns(well so I think), I start quoting Bible to them. Jesus had NOT one single woman. Leviticus states “if one man lies beside the other OR woman  for that matter, should be stoned etc., ” You should have been stoned  otherwise, why be talking to myself.

So I eventually arrived, after my thoughts. hahaah. Well as you can expected the clothes that I wanted, weren’t there. Like the TShirts etc., Well what would you expect when you arrive several hrs late.

I then arrived, at Pennys, as I wanted to get the black version of the Scarfy that my Mom bought me yesterday in Pennys in Artane. I was extreme with excitement. I then said I’d pop into Pennys O Connell St, but then realised that I had plans on going to the Outhouse as I was getting a bit tired alrite.

Then I popped into the GlamWorld, sex shop to see if the Inflatable Cock(What I call him Bobby). They said they’d order some more. hahaah.

Then I popped into Outhouse. On my way , I encountered Bernard. Twas great to see him. However was sad to hear of his troubles in his current flat. He hopes to get into some form of retirement home. Which caught me by surprised. He’s just looking for piece n quiet. I then told him that I do know Finglas where’s he’s from quite well. I told him that my Mom used to teach there. He got so excited. hahhaa. Such a small world alrite. I asked that he Facebook Message the names, as quite alot of names were mentioned. So I then told him of the time, I nearly ended up in Derry. hahaah. I was walking or cycling(can’t quite remember), on a cold rainy night, after collecting my package which in the end, it was found my package wasn’t there. But all I remember clearly was I was looking for UPS, went through some fields which was found to be Poppintree, and then went to towards the WRONG direction ie towards Derry INSTEAD of the City Center where I was aiming for that particular night. All in all, both Bernard and I left on a positive note. hahah. So then, I headed onto the Outhouse. Had a nice cuppa Peppermint Green Tea. Oh so lovely and gorgeous. mmmmm.

So then on my way home, I then headed towards home, to get ready for my next outing. hahaha. On my way, I encountered another minor detail I encountered BUT POIGNANTLY, was that there was a young girl standing beside here granny(more than likely) talking to another friend of the granny etc., Twas nice and lovely, I must say. You don’t hear let alone see this these days. It reminded me when I was a kid I would see my Aunt(Nun) chatting to her friends. Yes I did say Aunty. However she ain’t my Granny. Her age does indicate thou as if she were a granny. hahaha.

So then when I got home, I noted by my watch that I had gotten home in time, for the News and Knots Landing. However when I turned the TV on to my surprise 6.1 News was on. I thought there was a special or something. Then I checked the time on both the TV ie Sky and my watch, and to my surprise, shock and horror, it was a few minutes after 6. So I looked at my watch and I was quite taken aback, that my watch was a bout a half hour behind. Possibly with me messing with the watch when I go to turn the numbers around. Who knew. Well looks as though I do now. haahha. So I had to quickly make room on my Box for both mentioned programs.

So afterwards, I got ready and then headed out to meet O’ Farrell to see a new film: Earth to Echo(Review here). ON the way, I saw Connor Clarke. He was in my Higher Certificate course in NCI. Twas great to see him. Now with him, he was acceptance of my sexuality BUT like someone else in the class, when I told him of my sexuality wanted to do UNUSUAL sex acts on me. I simply call this behavior USE. Just cause you find out someone’s gay, don’t mean ya have to sleep with em. Especially if you’re married. Ever since I refused both guys, especially Connor, the guy I met today, he hardly speaks to me let alone Facebook etc., SO I removed him from my Facebook. I don’t see the point. And today when I was speaking with him, I found him to be inkling trying to get away from me. I ain’t a magnet.

So then I continued to think, that if a person is having issues while sleeping with loud music or whatever from their neighbor, they could try this. Listen to classical music and perhaps you may fall asleep. But of course, you’d have to have full power of your battery or whatever. But the point being, is if you listen to Classical Music, you will fall asleep. You’d never know. Ill pass on my tip to my sis. As she moved out of her place(which was above me), she was having issues with her neighbor for loud music reasons as well as other reasons.

So I met O’ Farrell. We had a drink first in the Cafe Bar. And I came out to him to say that I am seriously considering working in the cinema. Like I have experience working in a bar. I told him that I was getting out of the PC and IT Industry as I was saying so to Connor above. So we went ahead to the film. After the film, I suggested that we go to Panti. He had a different idea. Which was to go to The Church. So I went ahead and followed. Twas alrite. Considering there weren’t much people around, the bar guy had a bit of a tude alrite. Then O’ Farrell suggested we move onto Panti, as it wasn’t as Gay friendly as we thought it was. Like according to O’ Farrell they did have a Gay flag, prob for Pride or something.  This is when I asked him, about the Marriage Equality and Gay Bars. I asked him, when Ireland pass the Marriage Equality ie Gay Marriage referendum next year, will there be gay bars still. He says YES of course. Even though New York has Gay Marriage, they still have gay bars. He continued even the White Supremists etc., in America and over here, The Irish are still against the colored etc., So its with this he had “Homophobia WILL ALWAYS be there. ” We had a great time there. So then we moved onto our home, where we felt alot better, and more ease. We bumped into a few ppl heheheh. Namely Mike, Niall and Joe. I could have sworn that Niall and Brendan knew each other. Apparently not. I then shortly before closing which Panti on a Thurs(Late Night opening in Ireland) closes at half 11 went to pay up, however the card refused. Which was kinda weird, as I had topped up a €100 this afternoon before Lidls. So we jsut left it at that. WE then moved onto Front Lounge, but as it happens they wouldn’t sell any as they were closed. So it didn’t matter. So afterwards, we headed on towards the Luas Stop where I dropped him off. hahaha. Then I headed back towards my gaf. As I had left my O2 Money card behind in Panti, I check it out. I went towards. But obviously they were closed, I just thought to try my luck. hahhaah. So then, I just headed on home.


Alan Wilson has been cleared of Romanians teen’s death. Deliberation took 2hrs 53mins. 18 year old Marriu Rostas went missing Jan 08 while begging with her family. Her body was found in teh Dublin/Wicklow mountains 4 years later(’12). Fergus O’ Hanlon helper has been a pain in the jurys side by means of a Compulsive Liar.

Man is returning back to Prison after sex assault. Anthony Lyons is back in prison after servicing 6 months already for sexual assault on Griffith Ave(Where I was reared – FREAKY). It was found that the previous sentence of 6 months was “too leniant”. He is to serve in total 18 months(INCLUDING the 6 months he’s already served). So in total 6yr sentence with 4yrs suspended. This is the first time such sentencing has occurred for sexual assaults.

The now infamous Water Charges, have been introduced. Following are the details.

  • The average household will be paying €238pa
  • Charges will come into affect from October ’14
  • Half a cent per liter will be charged, BUT less if you have a septic tank(mainly used on farms – from my understanding)
  • FREE Allowance for Children has also been reduced from 38,000 pa to 21,000 pa based on consumption levels and research done in the recent past
  • Metered will be charged .244(quarter of a cent) per liter + .488(almost half a cent) for BOTH water and WASTE Water(If you don’t have a septic tank)
  • Put into Context
    • Avg Bath uses 80Litres of Water = .20c
    • Avg Shower(Unknown if its a power shower or not) uses 49litres of Water = .12c
  • Every household will get a FREE Allowance of 30,000litres pa
  • NO Standing Charge
  • There will be an assessed. You will get a rebate ONCE the meter has been installed
  • An additional €100 pa will be provided for the Most Vulnerable payable of €25 per quarter.
  • Bills are to be capped for the first six months. (Aug ’14 – March ’15)
  • Avg €176 per adult
  • Quarter of a cent per liter, the flushing of a toilet is to be 0.05c
  • If there’s a leak, you will be capped
  • 50% applies if the water is UNFIT for human consumption



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