Earth To Echo

Well I don’t really have much to say about this particular film, for the very reason, there wasn’t much bagged into the 90 or so minutes. The film surrounds 3 kids together who are breaking up friendships as one of em is actually moving. Alex(Halm), Tuck(Astro), Munch(Hartwig) and Emma(Wahlestedt) are all going about their daily young teenage lives. Alex has been moved around from home to home. Each has a store. Or as I’d to say, “Everyone has a story”. They are video tapping there very last NIGHT together as Alex is moving to another State. and from what I understand as is everyone else. They are on a journey to a desert of some-form when their cell phones are “hacked” into. They follow the map. Then shortly afterwards, they find that as my friend puts it “Modern version of ET”. An Alien. So ย the Alien who has been named “Echo” is wanting one goal, and that is HOME. He simply wants to go home. But to do that he needs to get materials to build a spaceship and to go home. Everytime Echo wanted something, he’d make sure he would. So bottomline, NOT enough action or awesomeness eg ONLY one item of Echos ability was portrayed, which was the scene of the truck, the Alien was able to break up the lorry and reconnect it up. It was Most disappointing. It’s a freakin’ Alien, they producers should have put buckets of the alien’s abilities other than bringing in the parts of the Spaceship. One thing thou as the alien brought was “Togetherness”. As I said, in the above, that friends will be dispersing and moving separately. However one thing that came out of this was that the Alien or Echo as is his name, brought and left us this quote: “Distance is just a state of mind”. Now considering, I DO Distance friendship by the bucketful. I fully endorse or agree with this quote. Distance is indeed a state of mind. But we do have an aspiring actor. Teo Halm. Not only is he adorable, but his acting amazing.



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