Diary 1st August 2014

Well I’ve yet to sleep hahhaah. It was my plan to go to sleep after my appointment. BUT I have another event, as its the Bank Holiday weekend. heeheh.

The last time, I was up with me folks(same day, Sammy 2 was born – hahaaha), I had made an appointment for the dr. in relation with my legs complaining of a heavy feel ie constant need to have my legs elevated above me. Then my hearing, had gone down and last but not least my Left side cheek beings soar. To my surprise, when I had arrived, I checked in then eventually I was seen to. Here’s whats so surprising thou.That he couldn’t find anything wrong with me at all. I actually said to him, that am I becoming a hypercondriac(where one brings the symptoms on themselves or WANTING a particular item). So I requested a Blood Test which will be for next week.

So then I met Mom with a view of getting my glasses fixed AGAIN!!!!. So we got the bus in. Mom encouraged me to get my citizenship etc.c, So then after the glasses, We headed to meet Maureen. I decided to give Maureen a wee surprise. And what a reaction I got. I was in stitches. I literally just tapped her on the shoulder. And the reaction was just priceless. She literately turned around, in a statue pose with her phone in her hand. Now she obv got a surprise. yet you have da phone in your hand. hahaahah. What a laugh. So then the three of us headed to KC Peaches. I’ve been to the one on Dame St., I really love their food. The one on Nassau St., was no better. Totally amazeballs.

So then the two of us headed on to MobileCare to get a cover for my phone. Maureen thou headed on off to meet her Sis Colette.

After I got off the bus, I wanted to get cash from the Credit Union. For the night out Tomorrow night in particular.

Went to get my O2 Money card, I left behind in Panti. When I got the card, I wasn’t sure of the number. Like why would I bother my barny in learning it off by heart. hahaha. So I got a bit anxious and figuring out a way to see if it were mine. So when I got back, I purchased a monthly subscription. ย of Google Storage for $2 a month for 100GB. Not bad a price i says. As it happens it is mine. As I then logged onto my account, and saw that the transaction had appeared almost instantaneously.

Then FINALLY I got to go to sleep. heeheheh


With all this GAZA conflict ongoing, even a UN Official who was being interviewed by some Foreign Channel

It has now been revealed with calculations 4.88 per 10,000 litres

Learner Drivers when they pass the Driving Test, now are required to display the ‘N’ Plate or Novice. Part of the Graduated Licensing System.

Another Irish citizen has fallen victim to a Mountain tragedy. This time in Italy where an avalanche occurred. The tragedy occurred in Valle D’Aosta on the Mountainous region Monte Rosa.


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