Diary 3rd August 2014

After a wonderful night, with Brendan and Daniel, we all woke up eventually around 8am. We didn’t chat as much as light night. hahaha. Daniel had recommended Coconut Milk last night. So I decided to get it. I waited til Tescos opened. But as it happens they were already opened. hahaha. So the three of us headed to Tescos. Then we all dispersed. Brendan went back to his house. And Daniel and I, headed on home. WE chatted, got to know each other. heehehe. On our way, We encountered Portobello College. Where I told him about the time I spent for the work experience. However I did notice something else, where I DIDN’T spot yesterday. The main building or the Administration Bullring of Portobello College is now some English Language School(Atlas or something). We then continued our journey and came across the Unitarian Church. He had asked me in advance about it. While there, we went in on a service. Two aspects of the service caught my eye. To take the word “God” out of the your daily lives. This remark was said if I can recall was actually to do with atheists. Something like that. Then the other was the congregation was asked if they were to receive an email from God, what do you think it would be said to you. But what caught my eye was actually the “Image of God”.

So then we continued. While waiting at the lights, Daniel saw Brendan on the bus. I hadn’t seen it. I was looking at the pot holes that was ont he road. Unreal. So Daniel and I dispersed. Daniel headed onto Baggot St and I headed down Kildare St.,

On my way, I encountered the area where TV3 and RTE1 do their interviews and reporting, on Molseworth St.,

I then noticed the amount of tourists. Its unreal. In particular students. Great to see such buzz alrite. No question of that. ahhaah.

So then I came home, in the middle of GAA matches which had started. Then I popped into Indian Taste, as I was starving me guts. I have been there before.

Mom yesterday, took my TV and Lappy, as she had the intention of me moving out IMMEDIATELY into their home. I have no intention of moving into THEIR home. Oh I will be moving out, NOT into THEIR HOME. So as I was rushing home(so to speak), to start doing yesterday News, and have a bit of space for Dallas Repeat. Then on the way home, I only thought that Mom has my Lappy and TV, so no Dallas this week :(.

So then Mom appeared shortly after I had finished my meal. So My sis and I were to go out to with the family. As it happens My sis wasn’t available. She’s feeling under the weather atm. So pls pray that she will get well soon.

Oh and before I forget, Both Brendan and I, learnt some interesting American terminology from Daniel. He’s originally from America. e.g. Wine Cooler is actually an Alcopops. How this came about, was that we were discussing drinks. And when Daniel mentioned Wine Cooler, I understood he was referring to the mini fridge cooler.

Me worrying about more flooding while I was at O’ Farrell’s last night, I started to get anxious or whatever, and mourning for my puppies: Patch & Sammy.


Louise O’ Keefe who won a landmark legal against the State European Ruling of Human Rights has criticized the Irish Government response to the ruling. Earlier this year, the European Court of Human Rights found that the State had indeed breached her Human Right. The State had denied responsibility.

A Special Mass in Dublin’s PRoCatheredal was celebrated for the 1,000s of Irishmen who fought in World War 1 were remembered. Its the first time in 40yrs that the Pro Cathedral has held such commemoration. The last time it commemorated for the Northern Ireland troubles escalated. Minister for Foreign Affairs exclaimed that the forgotten heros of the Irishmen were ” airbrushed them out of history”.  Because of the 1916 Rising ie the Home wars.


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