Diary 4th August 2014 – Bank Holiday Monday

Well so far as I right this Diary as at 5th August 2014 at almost 1am, I have NOT slept. Throughout the whole day, I had been so worried of my sis’ whereabouts, I had been ringing her, rang hospitals even the cops. Nothing. So I was left throughout the night that she was dead. Not the best feeling. So on my way over to Todd’s, for a different entirety, I decided to try her once again. No surprise. So then, I deiced try something that I’d NORMALLY wouldn’t for COST REASONS. So I rang her via Facebook’s call function. TO my surprise she actually answered. I asked that she hang up so that I can ring on the O2 Network INSTEAD of the Data(Internet) which is COSTLY. Without going into details of her whereabouts, I’m more than happy to announce that she’s safe and sound. That doesn’t’ mean that she’s happy as larry or anything. She is undergoing treatment for her mental health. That’s all I can give you for privacy reasons. Rest assured she will be looked after by myself her brother, and of course her family and friends. But I am so happy that she’s alive and well. Its all we want, for her to be happy and most important SAFE.

So with that in mind, I continued onto Todd’s for mainly to do gardening for him, as he’s moving out to a another place and he wants to put the place into ship shape before he moves into his new place.  He set out the plan for the day. We do a bit of gardening, while he does cleaning inside, then to go to a viewing, then he’d have to wait for his Tescos groceries and finally finish the night off with the Movie.

So I started my job of gardening. Pruning the rose bush ie the prickly one, and weeding the patio. I did this for awhile. We then sat down to a cuppa tea. As he don’t have soya, I tried an Earl Grey. He said that Earl Grey should be tasted with Sugar. Of which I did. It attracts its strength. I guess I will have to get use to Early Grey.

So then we got ready for a viewing out in Belmayne, Malahide, Co. Dublin. We waited for a bit. We were taken aback by the amount of enthusiast of the landlady and her (probably boyfriend – as I later learned). I learned myself that there’s a Fr. Collins Park that you can walk around. The landlady who is a young female teacher is renting the place out. She lived there for 6 yrs and is now letting it. So expressed a bit of a missing say her TV Furniture and blinds etc., I found that a bit abnormal but Todd told me that’s normal. She then thought that we were together moving in. So that suggest that’s she’s acceptance of gay people or whatever. However her boyfriend, of which I later learned that’s why she was moving out, to probably move in with him, I kept looking at him. So hot he was. He was wearing very tight Grey Jeans, and very tight tshirt or at least on the smaller size as I could see his belly button or at the very very least his undies. He’s hairy, But I just kept looking at him. I later on in the day, kept telling Todd this. That I’ve never felt like this after seeing a “straight” guy.

So then when we came back we continued on the gardening. We brushed up any dirt on the ground. He asked that I prune a plant that his mother gave him, when she was over here in Ireland for the first time a few years ago and then  to transfer it to a different pot.

So then we went inside. Entertained ourselves for a bit. I meself was getting a bit sleepy(NOT good news as I wanted to see the film. ). So I asked Todd if we could get a takeout, as I was starving me guts. So We agreed that I pay for the Cinema Food and he get hte Tickets and the Takeout(as part of my birthday pressie and my pay). We eventually got the takeout. Mind you it was lovely. It was actually Spice n Rice(A place I had planned on trying at one stage anyways). Todd had ordered Tescos groceries for today(Monday) for between 4pm – 6pm. It was approaching 6pm and no groceries delivery. So he started ring around. It was found that the van had broken down. So he is to get his ordered tomoz night(Tues)  around 8 – 10pm .

So Todd invited his friend Steve Kendell along to the cinema. I found him at first to be a bit insulting (obv joking – but as some of yee might know, I don’t take jokes too well). But I like any other NORMAL human being got to know him UNLIKE other ppl who shall remain nameless who constantly judge ppl. I got to know Steve. He’s actually a cool guy and NOT forgetting a hottie. hahahah.The three of us popped along to Guardian of The Galaxy(Review here). So after the film, we were going to go for a drink, however Steve had to head off and the Gibson Hotel bar was closing at half 11. SO then we dispersed and headed on home.


Today marks 100 years anniversary of the beginning of World War 1, where Germany invaded Belgium. The conflict was hoping to have been ceased by Christmas of 1914 the year World War 1 began. Europe instead witnessed Slaughter on an industrial scale. It instead dragged on for 4 yrs. The collapsing of Empires were experienced or witnessed and the birth of New States. Úachtarán na hÉireann Michael D. Higgins joined heads of States from more than 70 countries including German’s President: Joachim Gauck, UK’s Duke of Cambridge: Prince William, French President: Francois Hollande, Belgian King Philippe of Belgium

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