Guardians of the Galaxy

Most impressive film to date. I got emotional thou when his mother passed away ie possibly of cancer or something. The film starts of with family members including Young Peter(Oleff). The mother wants him to hold his hand, and he couldn’t bring himself to. He’s about to but she goes and its too late. So in a fit of upset, he goes out. He is then abducted by a spaceship. The plot from what I could gather was that Nova PRime(Close) were recruiting a group of misfits. Rocket(Cooper); Drax(Dave Bautista); Groot(Diesal); Gamora(Zoe Saldana) and of course Peter who is now grown up acted by Chris Pratt. Excellent action, NO question. Excellent comedy. Great humor. It is then found in the end that the Baddy – ROnin is wanting to destroy the galaxy Sanders(something like that). To prevent this, the Guardians of the Galaxy strategise a plan. Sadly Groot passes away, but Rocket gets a stick(from Groot) and he begins to grow again. I was expecting to see Peter aka StarLord shirtless as seen in the XPose interview, however got more than we bargained for. We saw him in his undies. Now how hot is that. Damn. mmmm. Its a bit similar to Avengers. In that major characters from the Marvel universe are gathered and attempted to kill the baddie as i like to call em. heheeheh. Overall a wonderful film.



7 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy

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