Diary 7th August 2014

As a result of me staying on in bed  yesterday, I had some freakiest of dreams. Here’s a sample of what I endured.

Me going upstairs a building or something and finding a new LGBT Center.

And another

Me being accused of breaking and entering beside Cineworld. All I did was literally open a store that’s unbreakable ie “Unreleased the two latches”. Then when I go into Cineworld , I am greeted by a cautious looking Caitriona Perry(Currently RTE’s Washington Correspondent) and she sees me, then I only realised why. So then a Garda or whatever then says to me, “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening or whatever, my name is Garda ……. You have been accused of …..”. It goes on.

I got my blood test done as requested from the doctor(Physician) last week. I got my Vitamins etc., etc., tested. I was told that my Hepatitis B was already tested back in April. How this came up was I had asked the Nurse, if it was at all possible to send the results to my Specialist in the Mater hospital as I had missed the appointments on two occasions. One in April and another in June.

Then I got another visit from Mom. Again she was wanting to have a wee chat. I again, wanting to stay on in bed ie not wanting to see her. hahaha. She was about to head off, when my feckin’ alarm goes off. Then she came back. So in the end I had to let her in. She again poked my precious babes the Inflatables. Awww to see them being poked and playing around. awwwwwwww.

So I got up. Mom n I had a wee chat. She wanted me to come out with her. But I had plans made and I was getting up literally before I left.

I then set about heading off to meet my mate Brendan S. We were to see the film Guardians of the Galaxy. (Review here).

We then headed to the Outhouse. We took Pics of each other.(hahhaahah not that way). Mike K was t here. Twas wonderful to see him. When I was getting my Peppermint Tea, he was describing how to make it myself. I was quite interested in hearing what he had to say. Get leaves, and put them int he window. Something like that. It would attract the flies. Which would be great for my fly problem currently in the flat.

So then I headed back to see what I was expected GodZilla(Review here). But in a fit of anger, I says to Searson “Fuck it”. As in The Take 2 of the film that the cinema do on a Thursday. Cineworld do a second run of the movies big blockbusters. However, I for a several times this week have taught that this week was next week. ie Thinking today was the 14th. So, I then said to Searson, I’m not going home. It’d be too early. So I went to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes(Review here.)

Shortly before I went to bed, I did a few errands. Namely, I headed to Drumcondra Credit Union and then to Scribbles for to get cash for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat next week and LIdls too. Few bootys ama gonna get.

Next on my list was to clean up the dishes I haven’t washed in months and cutlery. Then finally just about as I was to head off, I was looking at Midday. One topic on the agenda was “Earliest Memories”. Got me thinking. My earliest memories was in the orphanage. I keep getting flashbacks(some in the negative(majority) and some in the positive). One whereby I shit int he bed(literally) and another everytime, I smell something(food I mean e.g The WATERMELON – mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) over hear in Ireland and I recognise it, I say Oh Yeah I had that over in Romania(like in an orphanage). And this particular old style jeep. I’ll never forget it. Both my sis n I are walking with someone, and we pass a WHITE colored house. White as in a painted stoned type house.


Russia has imposed Trade Imports ban to Russia as EU and USA has imposed sanctions for the Ukraine/Russia war. Following are the categories of food of which the Russia Federation has banned from Imports into the country.

Meat, Fish, Dairy Fruit and Veg from the following Countries

USA; ALL 28 EU Countries(Incl Ireland); Canada; Australia; and Norway which is a Non-EU Member

Australia has held a National Day of Mourning. 28 of the Australians were victims. 298 were aboard the illlfated shot down flight.

A Monkey or whatever, who took a selfie, has caused an uproar in US Copyright Laws. The photographer who left his camera down, claims that as it was taken on his camera, he owns the copyright. But the site Wikimedia upon where it was uploaded to says otherwise.

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