Diary 8th August 2014

Well after eventually settling to bed while all my babes are atop of me, I got to sleep. I got up then afterwards. Got ready for today’s films. Shortly before I went to sleep I had plugged in my Sammy to charge the cell phone. However when I woke up, it was still at 2%, battery, which I was a bit surprised. So then the phone died. And realsied that I NEVER put it in the electrical outlet. So I had no phone for the day. It wasn’t as such a big deal. But just goes to show you how foolish I can be. hahahah

I had previously booked for 8.15pm of The Inbetweeners(Review here) for the Dublin Social Mixer Meetup group. Then I realsied that The Happy Minions(Best Buddies) group were holding on the same day BUT different time of 7.45. So I UN-RSVPed Dublin Social Mixer and RSVPed the other(Best Buddies). So then I headed on to meet O’ Farrell. It was my intention to meet Arwin from Best Buddies. But it wasn’t to be. As I when I went up to the counter, O’ Farrell was sitting cosy waiting for me, the staff at the counter was refusing me to going up as I had a ticket booked for a LATER showing of the same movie. Ill give you a brief background. I was to attend initially Dublin Social Mixer Meetup. But when I saw that Best Buddies(Arwin’s meetup group), I decided to cancel the Dublin Social Mixer and reverted to NOT attending. So I RSVPed the Best Buddies. BUT I never thought of the actual ticket. So the Management of the cinema asked that I ring Unlimited Helpline of which I waited 10mins. As the film for Best Buddies meetup had already begun(7.45pm), I gave up. I contacted O’ Farrell to let him know of the goings on. I was in luck in terms of letting him know as my battery was close to running outta charge. So then Brendan came down, and we headed onwards. It was pure nuisance for him too. As he had gotten his ticket already. So all in all, I apologoeised to the staff, and to Brendan. And all was grand. Angela(If I have her name right – Management), “There’s NO Blame game here”. I was most appreciative by her tone and manner.

So then afterwards, I decided that as it was too early to go home, I decided that I go and see another film. Namely Guardians of the Galaxy(Review here.). Afterwards, Both of us headed on home. I headed towards his area(obviously not as far as Rathfarnham, although most enjoyable BUT quite a trail). He expressed that he enjoys the walk to Rathfarnham, BUT his legs don’t thank him. I said in reply I most enjoy the walk AND so does my legs.


The WHO(World Health Organsiation) has declared the EBola virus in WEst AFrica an INTERNATIONAL State of Emergency. Todate 961 people have died from the virus. 

A date has been set for the verdict of the Oscar Pistorisuous. September 11th he will learn of his fate of wheter he will serve the maximum prison sentence of 25 years. 

The ceasefire of Israel/GAZA has to my regretion failed to keep up. AFter 72hrs, the HAMAS were to the first to resume the conflict. 


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