Diary 10th August 2014

Just as about I was to head to bed, there was loud music. Lasted for about an hour or so. While the music was on, I was taking NSFW pics of meself. hahaha. Then I got to sleep

Then I woke up from a nice sleep, I then got myself ready for the Vegetarian Meetup. I was about 10mins into my walk to the National Botanic Gardens, when I got a notification from Meetup and saw that there were a few. Someone asked where to meetup, however Sarah(the person who organised this meetup and also the person I bumped into in Drumcondra a few weeks ago) replied to the person and said that she had cancelled the meetup due to heavy rain and weather. She had rescheduled to Aug 24th, which is when the Marriage Equality March is on. So I won’t be able to make that.

So as the meetup didn’t work out, I have been looking at the News from yesterday and Ros na Run Órga(The Golden oldies as one would say.) Boy it was lovely seeing Donnacha. Awwww was lovely to see him after all these years. They had changed the Donnacha character to be that of a different actor. This one to be so cute. mmm. Then I another thing I noted in these episodes I have been looking at, was Tom was already out to the public as a gay man. He came out a few years ago. However, Tom was seeing Conor who only came out to his sister who is the Dr. of the village. More so the way he came out was he was about to kiss the Tom when his sister walked in on em. He then says to the reaction of the Dr. the following quote.

“I didn’t choose my “sexual orientation” as you put it, just to shock you. And if you don’t accept it, then I’m sorry for embarrassing you! – Conor O Baoill(Ros na Run actor – who played Dr. Sinead Ní Bhaoill’s Brother on the series)

As my sis wasn’t available to meet, I was looking at the Golden Girls and an interesting Documentary on Irish Weather. Suitabley called the Four Seasons. As the Irish get all 4 seaons sometimes in one day. One point in the documentary was John Creedon the presenter asked the pilot, why is the pilot in the back and John the passenger is in the front. If your flying solo, for weight battle purposes and for other controls. They’s all in the back. John was wanting to experience a cloud spotting as he puts it, he wanted to experience. The pilot recommended that he touch it ie hop on a plane and bob’s your uncle. hahah. When the plane was taking off, ie off the tarmac, I actually felt it. Cause it did happen to me several times. Going to and from Doncaster and Italy. I was in bits. My sis gave me a valium on one occasion. But I still was aggitattied. The stewardess asked my sis if I was alrite.


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