Diary 12th August 2014

As I was falling asleep at the computer, of which I hate – hahahaah I headed on to bed earlier than normal. So then I heard a doorbell ring my Aunty rang the doorbell once, of which I ignored. Nothing new hahahah.

However, at around 2ish half 2, my sis called round. She was in a state. I tried calming her down. She uses alcohol to her help her etc., However she couldn’t stop. She told me hundreds of times, that her ex(of which shall remain nameless, he doesn’t even deserve space on my Blog) had raped her. She was “Coherent” as she puts it, he even threatening that he’d shoot her with a rifle gun if she didn’t do what he said. Thats what I could gather. I got her a cuppa tea. I thought that would help her, It did to a certain. But she was getting increasingly agitated. So she took another can. Of which we then learned was to be of her last. She rang the cops. But as she was severely intoxicated, the cops couldn’t take a statement from her. So the other Garda interviewed(informal of course) me. I told him of my disgust that I didn’t have time for the likes of him etc., So she then went into an epileptic fit, banging her head etc., That scared me really. Me not knowing what to do. The Garda told me to help him as had got a call on his cell phone. So it was found in the end that she would be required to go to the hospital. SO I’m hoping that she’ll be transferred to a psychiatric facility(which as it happens is beside me). So she’s currently safe and sound in the hospital. Hopefully all things will be grand. As I said, the road to recovery has started, the fact that she came to me. She was clearly highly suicidal. So she now has the help alrite. I then went back to the hospital as she left her meds etc., behind. She was asleep when I arrived. Oh I had a little cry or distress or whatever u wanna call it when she was having the fit. Like me not knowing what to do. Oh and get this, My Landlord came round when my sis was having the epileptic fit. Says I to myself, “Great timing”. Like I had rang him regarding the flood, a few weeks ago and he only shows up today of all days.

Well at aleast he’s done his bit now. Until the next flood. hahahah. So I asked if he needed me for anything, as I was heading out to get my dole. He then asked me if he could move the Sand bags. I was initially gonna say to him to leave him, but then I began to think of my back. So I said yeah sure go ahead. I then headed to onto the dole. I told the clerk that a person has left keys behind. She sniggered in that something like “God he left a lot behind”. She then asked if there was anything else. I said nope, “Just your machines”. So then I moved onto AIB my bank. There was an auld lad there ahead of me, standing at the machines. He tells me and I quote, “Why the fuck wouldn’t they have just one working at least”. BOTH machines were being maintained BUT at the same time. So we had to wait. Just as I was about to head out, the machines were working away.

So then I have been looking at TV at home. I was looking at Dr. Phil. An interesting topic was being discussed. In that the mother Darlene(I think) was very worried that her daughter Abby who recently converted to Islam. However the daughter being from Texas, USA, has been subjected to Racism as she wears Muslim Clothing. She plans on moving to Saudi Arabia. Now the culture in Saudi Arabia for women, is they cannot be seen let alone heard. Abby is under the illusion that she has lived her life int eh USA, ie Education, Driving etc., and she just wants to be “Hidden”. Like an example. One rule in Saudi Arabia is Women are NOT allowed to Drive. Her attitude. So what, I don’t like Driving. Something like that. When Dr. Phil was reading out the Rules on his screen to Abby, I noticed her body language. To that of worry etc., ie she don’t know whats she putting herself into. I can see where the mother, Darlene is coming from. BUT to call the faith Islam to be of Terrorist, yeah I think that’s a bit far fetched in my eyes. Its like in my opinion Gays being Pedo or whatever or Priests in Catholicism being Rapists etc., My point being is NOT EVERYONE in Islam is a Terrorists, Likewise Gays  and Priests. So Darlene’s accusation to think that Islam is a Terrorist Religion, yeah that’s a bit far fetched alrite. Dr. Phil asked Abby what does she NOT like about America. She claims America has TOO much freedom, might I add. She explained thou that she’d rather OLD culture.

Then on my sex Facebook, I had gotten a message from one of my mates, and noted that all my messages were marked as Spam as in to protect me etc.,. I initially ignored it. However when the friend told me that he WOULDN’T report me, I then began to investigate. I Goolged(being my best friend). One was found that if I use a Mobile app, then my friend thought something appeared on my  Lappy. So then I said I’d try and log into my FB account using the App. That did though bring something about. It would appear that my account could have  been hacked into. As their was a pic(of which is hot btw hahaha)  had a guy being given a blow job BUT the dick being covered by a football). I vaguely don’t recall uploading the pic, considering the content that FB is totally against.

Good point made on Midday, relating to Robin Williams tragic passing. In that one of the panelists was saying that no matter how happy he was ie while acting etc., that deep down is was really really sad. “He’d fought the fight for so many years, and it just got the better of him. He jsut couldn’t beat it. “t


It is with great with regret that Robin Williams has died at the age of 63 of an apparent Suicide. He voiced Genie in Aladdin. Few other films. Where I would personally fondly remember him in Mrs. Doubtfire. And the other film August Rush. He will be fondly remembered and missed dearly. He was battling severe  Depression and Alcoholism. He won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in Good Will Hunting in 1998

Spanish Priest who had contracted Ebola virus in Africa, was flown back to Spain however has sadly passed away. He’s the first European to die of the Ebola virus.

It has now been revealed that An Taoiseach Enda Kenny under the Freedom of Information Act, that he received 1000 emails from Gareth Brooks fans.


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