Joseph & The Amazing TechnicColor Dreamcoat

Today I popped along to the most anticipated Theatre production of Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It featured the biblical story of 600 or 700 years BC(BEFORE CHRIST). It was set in Egyptian and Pharaoh times. From what I could gather, Joseph was born to 12 Brothers and his Father(Jacob). He was the youngest. Two brothers didn’t like him. SO they betrayed him. He was sold to slavery(something like that). They then told the father, that Joseph was killed by a wolfe or something like that cause they mentioned blood or something. But as it happens Joseph was alive BUT imprisoned in an Egyptian prison. One of the brothers Benjamin if I recall, went down the market to get something for the family. Eventually he was reunited with the father. Twas so emotional to look at the reunification. Joseph had a gift of whereby he could Interpret Dreams. HE did so with the Butler and the Baker. I was so impressed with the Narrator Danielle. Such a powerful voice. At times, I would think of Idina Menzal. Then of course the main character of the whole production Joseph played by Xfactor former candidate Lloyd Daniels. He was fantastic. Such a great body(mmmmm) and most important of all, the voice. Oh it was out of this world. Throughout the whole show, I was thinking to meself, on a constant basis, that my future is musicals, concerts. If I were to be a of toughie of a critic, I would only critic ONE item. I didn’t see the need for the “The King” ie Elvis character. As Elvis wasn’t born 3000 years ago. The Biblical story is set in 600 or 700 BC. Elvis was born in the late 1900s (AD-Anos Dominos(AFTER Christ was Born ie Christmas Day)). Shortly after the story had been told. We had all been treated to a wonderful thunderous belting of the tunes. Once again, I of course joined in. haahah. I would have first been told of Jospeh and the Amazing TechniColor Dreamcoat, back either when I was in school(Elementary/Middle School) for a concert OR when my Mom n Dad came home from a holiday, and gave me the CD of it. They had been at it years ago.

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