Diary 14th August 2014

Well I was totally exhausted after the wonderful performance and musical. My voice was very husky. You’d swear I had been out on the town. ahahaha. Ill tell you this much guys, I’mma never gonna forget the experience. So with that I got up eventually. Like  I had plans on getting up around 5ish to listen to the music I had recorded for to free up space. Yet I was exhausted. Couldn’t lift a leg hahaha. So eventually I got up around 7, when I was suppose to be at the Vegetarian Meetup. I was half thinking of giving the meetup a skip. However as I hadn’t seen the Vegetarians for a very long time, I decided to get ready and head on out.

So I set about heading off to the meetup. Then I realsied as I always check my pockets for my keys, everytime, I head out. However this time, I noted I couldn’t feel em. So I says, I actually left em behind, when I was checking for the post upstairs. Says, I “Fuck it”. I need my keys. So I was within two minds, to forget about the meetup. So I went back to check if they were in the door, of where I sometimes I’d leave em. However they weren’t. So I was getting increasingly anxious. So I went back. Knocked on the door. However with the loud music they couldn’t hear me. I was then half thinking of going to my sis, however she has since lost my other key that I gave her. So that was out of the question. So I decided to try the doorbell thing  ie the Intercom. Low and behold they answered. The guy then told me that the keys were left upstairs on the floor. Which I found it highly strange. Eitherway, I thanked him profusely. So then I set about take 2, to head to the vegetarian meetup to be held in KimChi(Review of Restaurant here), mind you a place where I pass by everytime I go to the cinema, yet I couldn’t never find it.

So then after looking for the place, I eventually found it. haahah. Now I hadn’t been at a Vegetarian Meetup since February. When I arrived, Jacob the organiser of the meetup in question, suggested jokingly as I had arrived late that I sit at the table beside that was empty as the table that I had seen was full in question. I said yeah like fat chance. hahaah. So then shortly after another guy showed up, Marcin. The two of us got talking. I moved on over to the other table with Marcin. Then shortly afterwards, Mirin(‘Scuse the spelling) arrived. So all in all, we weren’t left with alone. ahahha. Mirin asked Jacob, relating to Israel. She was very nervous in asking him. I never knew Jacob was Israel. Then Marcin says that both Religion and Politics are very hot topics. While I can agree on Religion, but Politics not really. As I see it as a debate. So then shortly before we all dispersed, Marcin and I were the only last two left of the whole group. So as the restaurant was closing we both headed on outdoors. I was very intrigued with his produce he’s currently a distributor for. I very much look forward to seeing it on World Vegetarian Day. Then, we started discussing how soya makes man boobs etc., as my friend on Facebook told me. Then out of the blue, he comes up with this upsurd thought that having too much oestrogene makes u gay. I told him you’re either born gay or ur not. He still refused it. My body language of which he saw, made him think otherwise. I’m having none of it. People need to be educated. No question of it. Like alirte Having too much oestrogene is bad for you granted. But has NOTHING to do with sexuality. I asked him where’d he read this bull. He said the net.

So with that in mind, I then  headed on home. I got myself a takeout. Might I add a lovely one.

SO for the past few hours. It was the turn of the pots and pans to be washed after several months, possibly years even. Then shortly afterwards, I then continued on doing the flood cleanup, the flood that occurred back in Aug 2nd. The only way for me not to put my back out or whatever, is that I take a section of the room and tidy it. Likewise the kitchen. I don’t do everything in one go. I don’t have the energy of a 14 yr old anymore. hahaah. Same goes for food intake. I’ve reduced my food intake severely due to Budgetary reasons. Like take for e.g my Dinner is actually Nachos from the cinema and of course my Sorbet. Thats my dinner.


Another Trayvon Martin style shooting has occurred in the US city of St. Louis, Missouri. Michael Browne was shot death by a policeman. Witnesses say the teen was backing off the policeman, but still was shot. Some say it was of racial intent. Others say as the teen was trying to get access tot he policeman’s armory, that that’s the reason he was shot. Demonstrations have been ongoing for 6 Nights.

South Korea is celebrating 25th Papal Visit. Its been 25 years since a Catholic Pope has visited Asia let alone South Korea. He plans on Beatifying 124 Korean Martyrs. And of course recruit to Catholic Church. Within the 25 year history 5m Catholics and growing have been increasing steadily.


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