Diary 17th August 2014

Well what a day it turned out to be. Quite amusing and lots of laughter to end it all. It all started when I got up around half 4 to a someone ringing my doorbell of which I could have sworn was my sis. But was later told wasn’t. So then, I stayed on and then got up at said alarm of quarter past 5 in the evening. Then I hopped into the shower.  And got myself ready. I had food for my sis that my Aunt(Nun) gave me of which I defrosted it last night, but didn’t defrost fully. Eitherway, I brought em. Then I had her Lappy(Laptop) and her Paddy(iPad) during the week. I was to bring it to her today, as I was seeing her. I had set a Google Now reminder on my phone for 7pm. I had left slightly earlier. LEAVING the Lappy and her Paddy behind. So I was just coming out of the Tescos shop after getting the Soya milk for both myself and her place. When I came out, I saw a notification that I was to bring along the Lappy and her Paddy. Says I to myself Fuck it, or D’Oh. hahaah. So I went back and retrieved em.

So eventually I arrived at my sis. When I arrived, my Mom was their. Twas wonderful to see her and all. Nothing new. hahaah. She had sent us down a Chinese. Twas alrite. It was different than what am normally use to. My sis and I chatted as per usual. She’s getting there. As I said to my Mom, the road to recovery has begun. It will take time. But at least it’s started. So I showed her pics on my phone that I had been taking of my babes on the TV etc., from Music Videos n RTE News bulletins etc.,


The new Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill that was passed last year int he Dáil is to be monitored by the Government as a vulnerable young woman who wanted abortion was refused by a panel of Psychiatrists and Medical Experts. The Bill was used in the case of the mother, who was refused the abortion. It was enacted in January ’14.

Police in England found 13 Children amongst 35 Adults found in a shipping container. They were of Afghan origin. Police say they were victims of Poeple Trafficking. They arrived on Saturday. It is believed they are of the Sikh faith.

Ibhraheam Halaway has gone on a hunger strike in a bid to be released from Imprisonment in Egypt. He was jailed for taking part in a protest in Cairo during the fall of Muhammad Morsi last year. His sisters want the Irish Government and EU to use their powers to Gauraurnete his release.


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