Diary 18th August 2014

Recently I have been blocked on Facebook. It has been quite disheartening. I keep a record of guys I add or send requests to etc., Quite alot of guys I had befriended over the years, have not only removed me, which I don’t mind, but to BLOCK me. I take that to heart. There is no need to block  a person unless for a particular reason. I recently emptied my Block List on Facebook, which would help me better in terms of finding out who has blocked me and not. If I have no interest in keeping a friendship, I remove the person, then to ensure that they don’t get my feeds, I block them TEMPORARILY then they are off my Follow list.

Then recently I was looking for a sex whats new – hahahaha on Grindr and various sites. Any guy I’m NOT into, I tell them that I have Hep B, and they go ahead and block me. I don’t mind. BUT guys I’m into and I divulge my hep b status, they IMMEDIATELY Block me.

I wonder will America be as welcoming. As Ireland is spoz to be the “Land of the Welcomes”. I most certainly have not been welcomed in recent months ESPECIALLY since I came out Hepatitis B. So I guess the Boilerhouse is my friend. Then again, I will have to come out Hep B to them as well and all. So I guess JO and Solo is Georgian’s IMMEDIATE future.

On the way to the college, for the Information session as per the letter below, I was thinking to meself. That Sky provide 3Player(TV3’s OnDemand Service name), yet they don’t offer RTE Player. Which is an awful shame. Cause currently. For the news, I download my News Bulletins from 3Player and then Ireland AM, and Midday and Tonight with Vincent Browne(Current Affairs as I call em). I also download their documentary. Bottomline is, that I get to have space on my Box, hahaha. SO that’s awesome. But RTE 😦

I got a letter in the post from Social Welfare notifying me of a FIT(FastTrack Information Technology) course(something to do with courses and my payment). So with that in mind, I then headed to Whitehall College of Further Education where I previously went back in 2004 as I hadn’t enough College Points to get into NCI. I went the back route. SO I was admiring the lovely building. I saw one of my former Lecturer there. Nothing’s changed staff wise. On his phone. That didn’t bother me thou. I was quite shocked when I went in. There was hardly a soul. I had arrived at 2.40. The time in the letter said 2pm. They were acutely finishing up. They had such a brazen attitude. Literally laughing in my face. I said that the letter never said the time it finishes. yet they were packing up. They hire staff, who DON’T have knowledge of the module they are teaching. What a joke.

So then I headed towards my folks. As it was a lovely day. Literally as I was in the door. It started showering. SO me in my shorts, I was quite lucky. hahaah.

So then with my horninsiness hahaha, I took a few NSFW pics and watched Fair City. JUST to free UP space on my Box. Never ending to my busyiness.


A vulnerable young woman who wanted an abortion under the new law, gave birth to a Premature Baby via Ciscariaon. Under the new legislation, she was refused an abortion.


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