Diary 19th August 2014

I slightly got up earlier to take a piddle and then headed back in bed. Then afterwards I got up for my sign on that I do every few months to keep my claim. Then I headed ontwards the Post Office to get doe. On the way, I encountered a car being towed on a trailer. The car on the trailer was a newbie at least the car reg says so. IT was in the 00s(Naughties). HOWEVER the car doing the towing was an auld banger of a yoke in the late 80s – 88 to be precise. The banger was making horrible noises. While I’m not against bangers, considering I myself have expressed an interest in buying one, BUT to have one that makes horrible noises that’s a different one. So I got my dosh. Then across to AIB. As it was 4pm, the time the Bank closes, the Black doors were closed. Says I to meself, I thought the Banking(machines) were open. They were as it happens. Just the timing. So then just about as I was a few yards from my gaf, it poured outta the heavens .

So I looked at Ros na Run and Reeling in the Years to free up some space. I find history so fascinating. I tend to say to meself, god wouldn’t mind living like the olden days. Especially the Dingle area. Where they have cottages etc.,

So I then headed onto see my sis. She’s in great form. Getting there gradually. Delighted to see her in such. So we chatted and looked at TV. Ahh the good old days. hahahaah. So just before I headed off, I gave her words of encouragement along the lines “You’ll get there eventually. I know its not easy, but you will get there. ” So lets all hear words of encouragement. Detoxification from alcohol can’t be easy. And she’s enduring such.


Former RTE Broadcaster Pat Kenny, has announced that he is to become a presenter for UTV Ireland when the channel launches in Ireland in January 2015. Pat Kenny presented various programmes from Late Late Show for 10 yrs, Kenny Live(God be the days, when I first came over, I still remember it – hahaha), Frontline(RTE’s current affairs program). He was also on Radio presenting Kenny for a few hrs in the morning. He moved to Newstalk a Radio station OTHER than RTE.


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