Diary 20th August 2014

Well today was quite productive and so enjoyable in a very long time. hahah. My sis is on her way to recovery, my folks ain’t as running after me as they used, life couldn’t get any better, or could they?? Well Let me tell you all a little story. hahaha.

It all started off when I was due to get up for half 4 so that I could record Ros na Run. However, I was too tired. So then I said perhaps I mite just go to the vegetarian meetup late. However that wasn’t too be, as by the time, I hiked outta bed, I was forced to just head onto the meetup. So onwards towards the meetup. I was to meetup at Delhi O’ Delhi in Moore St., When I checkin, via Swarm(formerly Foursquare – although still same company), Swarm told me the last time I was there was actually in February. Which so happens to be the same time I was at my last Vegetarian meetup before my finance and my depression got the better of me. Review of Delhi O’ Delhi here. I met with a few new faces and familiar faces. I paid my Subscription dues of the VSI(Vegetarian Society of Ireland).

Then afterwards, I headed onto the Outhouse, my other home. haahah. As I said to Declan, I go their for a bit of company. I then told em, that as my place gets flooded, that I go their for a bit of solace. It was very lively today. There were Transgender and Lesbians Groups. Twas wonderful to see em. One of the women says hello sxc. Declan assumes she’s talking to me, which I doubt. Then again u’d never know. It was fascinating to learn of Seven(can’t get his name still – hahaha). He’s as he puts it Mongrel(or as I put it Cross Bread). What I mean by that is that Hes from the States, Norway, and of course Ireland.

So then I headed onto my last event of the day, namely to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.(Review here). Twas lovely to see it again. However there was a disturbance everytime, there was a piece of action there was this guy in front of me, chatting away, talking loudly and sometimes clappping. Then it occurred to me that there’s a strong possibility that he may be autistic. So I said I wouldn’t get involved. Even though there was the temptation.

And so to top of my lovely productive BUT most enjoyable day, I got myself a bag of chips. I was so tempted to take a pic of a guy in the chipper. However a friend of mine warned me for safety reasons. All that was going through my mind, BUT THE STATES do it all the time. Would luv to know how they do it, WITHOUT being seeing.


US Journalist James Foley has been beheaded by Islamic State Militant warns US to get out of Iraq business otherwise MORE beheadings will occur.

There’s a possibility of another Icelandic Volcano erupting and causing Air Travel havoc that occured back in ’10

According to a report published by the HEA. your Post code of where you live, determines who goes to college. D4,(84% go to college and D6(Rathimines; Ranaelgah – Virtually EVERYONE goes to College). D10(Ballyfermot area) and D17(Darnsdale are) 15% go to college. D1 and D2, just a quarter do go to college; Bottomline the success of you going to college, is WHERE YOU LIVE. Compeltely a shocker in my opinion. Affluent areas are 6 times more likely to go to colelge.

Sharon Ní Bheoláin does the Ice Bucket Challenge for MND(Motor Neuron Disease). Colm Murray died of it last year. Its very close to Sharon’s heart.


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