Diary 21st August 2014

Well shortly before I went to bed(which was quite late), Mom popped down to me with grub. I was eating the Baps as she calls it, there was Beet Root. Its official I WON’T be going near it with a barge pole. I never stopped shitting from it. There must be some form of lactose in it. Oh don’t get me wrong, the taste is lovely(obviously WITH something else).

So shortly after my short sleep, I got up almost late(nothing’s new, hahaah). I then headed on to meet Brendan S. Then Searson rings me to say that Brendan O’ F will  be joining us. WE would be seeing Into the Storm(Review here). During the movie I told Searson that I would be seeing Take 2 of X-Men: Days of Future Past(Review here). So then O’ Farrell headed on home. Searson then says that he was heading onto the Outhouse to get a coke soda and to relax. These words went through me. Just about as I was about to queue up, I decided to leave X-Men, considering I’ve seen it a few times, and went to back to the Outhouse. Searson treated me to a cuppa,(of which I owe him – hahah). We chatted. So then I went back to the cinema for to see Guardians of the Galaxy(Review here).

So then after the film, I got a text, from BOTH Brendans that I get through to Brendan O’ F. So then I got through in the end, and it was found that O’ Farrell wanted to come by my place and hang out. Or perhaps to stay over night. However, I explained to him that as it endured flood damage, that it was impossible. So then he invited me to his place. I said that I was tired. Considering I only got 2hr sleep – haahaha. Then I joined with him to McDonalds where we chatted for a bit.  I had asked him, what did Searson mean when he said to check my “Inbox”. I had thought that it was to do with Facebook messages or Email. But it was actually BEFORE the days of Android,  the way it displayed your SMS. So if you received a text, it would appear in Inbox, likewise if you sent a message, you would find em in Sent Items. Ahhhh memories. I also expressed my disgust at the Cops the way they treated my sis’ rape especially when it occurred twice within a week. As I said and I’ll say again, if your naked in front of a person or drunk outta ur mind, YOU’VE NO RIGHT TO BE RAPED. You have a right to your digintiy.

Albert Reynolds Dies at age 81

Former Taoiseach

Led FF to 2 Coalition Govt

Minister for Post and Telegraph, Industry……..

Dealt with X Case and Beef Tribunal

Replaced Charley Haughey due to Phone Tapping scandals. Reynolds replaced him

Tributes have been pouring in from current Fianna Fail leader Mícheál MArtin

He paved the way for Peace in Northern Ireland duing the Troubles

“Peace first, Politics Next” famously sayed


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