Diary 22nd August 2014

Well after apparently I don’t last on a 5hr sleep, that I got up late. I got roughly around half 7ish. My meetup group Best Buddies was holding a meetup for Lucy(Review will be provided in due course). As I was late, I shall provide the review in due course. I was delighted to have met Arwin FINALLY after several attempts. So we chatted for a bit. I saw Seoirse. I can’t even recall when I last saw him. So after a brief chat, we all dispersed. I then headed on off to my folks place. Then I headed on to my folks. Mom told me in a voicemail that Fina, Michael and Silvia(Their daughter) were coming in the door when she left the voicemail. I was gonna go to another film, or head home, as I’d have to wait an hr or so for another film. I wasn’t in the mood to be waiting around. So I instead headed up to the folks for a chance Hopefully see em(The Dots I mean). However when I arrived, they had gone just by a second. So I went in. Had a bit of a grub. Mom then told me that a relative of Dad’s(Dad’s Brother’s Daughter’s hubbie) told Mom that “It takes quickly to be happy and very quickly to be sad too”. Of which I totally agree. heeheh.

I stayed up the night and did various activities. One of em being a guy on my sex FB account, asked about WeChat. I signed up to it. No probs there. But wait til u hear this. To chat with WeChat friends on the Web ie Laptop, Computer etc., NOT mobile device you go to http://web.wechat.com/. U open the WeChat app on your Mobile device. Tap on the +, then Scan QR Code then Get this, when you scan the QR Code from the App to the computer, the QR Code actually Logs you in. Now how FREAKY is this shit. Like wow just amazeballs.


20 of the Victims of the Flight Malayaisa MH17 have arrived back in Mayalyisa. The country being the King, the Prime Minister and the Citizens of course, have  a National Day of Mourning.


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