Diary 26th August 2014

Well what a day I had. Twas amazeballs. I got up at midnight, as I heard shouting in my apartment building. I would take it that the partner cheated on the woman. He was speaking softly, meaning perhaps that he’s admitting. I ain’t sure.

I was to meet my Aunty(Nun) as per our monthly meetups. I last saw her at the Pride Parade. Then the last meetup in question was back in June. And the last time I saw her was when I nearly gave such a reaction to a wee fright I gave her. It was the reaction that got me in stitches. So anyways, I made my way. I first popped into An Post for the Dole, then across the road for to transfer funds over. Then I set about meeting my Aunty in KC Peaches. (Review here). Oh, we had quite alot to discuss. hahhaa. When I was putting down the tray, My aunty put the tray behind the plant. There was a waiter coming out, I was trying to tell the waiter the “tray” is behind the plant. Maureen had to help me out. Dunno why I got such loss in words. I was even pointing to the waiter, “what do you call that”, He didn’t know. But knew the humour. Twas hilarious. I just got a loss of words.

Of late, I have been feeling very lonely. I don’t have my mom(Marianna), although I do have a separate FB account for her, just so that I know shes in my life, secondly, no guy wants to go near a Hepatitis B guy. And so it has come for time for me to announce, that I have been seeing a guy(well we’ve yet to meet). I started chatting with him a few months, then I told him, I was going through a rough patch, and so he came back into my life recently. And continued our friendship. He has since portrayed he’d like to get to know me. I of course told him of my hep B and his wording NOT mine”Takes me more then that to keep u away from me (wink) if this isn’t love that I don’t know what love it (wink)”. WE haven’t officially announced anything. WE’re taking things very slowly. However the reason I bring this up is that, I told my Aunty, that if there were to be any relationship, that I do not wanna hear any bull of homophobia from what I endured the last time. Including age difference etc.,

WE were also discussing my sis hospital expereince. She’s in hospital for Pancreatisitis. and other mental difficulties. And now we’re as a family after learning devastating news, that she was Raped via Rape Drug. She told Mom n myself, that the ex had injected her while she was asleep. Hence the bruising etc., The reason I bring this up, I explained to my aunty that there’s a RIGHT way of explaining the wrong and the WRONG way of explaining the wrong. If you start saying, she deserves it, or she looking for attention or whatever, WRONG, that’s WRONG. You support the person continuously, true and true etc.,

Then finally before we dispersed we then discussed Marks Woods adoption and wondered he was adopted as a baby, and yet I was 8 before I was adopted.

Then I had told her that the only way to learn a language is quite simple go to the country, converse with a person who has the language you are learning and most important in my opinion is to read and speak the language in your mind. Read signs etc., E.g today on the way to Maureen, I encountered “Trinity College, Dublin, Nursing and & Midwifery”. I then read that in Irish: “Coláiste Tríonáide, Baile Atha Cliath, Altranais(Nursing) & Chnámhas,,,,(Midwifery)). Then I read another sign: “Grafton St., ” Shr Grafton” etc., etc., Then I only remembered that I remember reading Irish for Summerhill(Cnoic on tSamhriadh) and Ballybough(Baile Bochta).Baile Boctha is literally meaning Poor Town. Then my friend O’ Farrell told they could be taking it from the English and just “Irishing” it. …. eg

Then the two of us headed onto one of my errands of collecting  my glasses. A new pair I was getting for free, as the previous kept breaking in half. etc., When the sales clerk was giving me my new ones, I had asked him to have a look at the old ones, as they were breaking. Then he gave em back to me, and asked if I’d like em to be cleaned etc., Very caring he was.

Then we both dispersed and said our good byes, I wanted to get my 5 milks, I have decided since last week to restock my fridge VERY SLOWLY thou, due to funding concerns. So I then decided to head onto Tescos in JErvis. My friend Christopher of whom I say at March of Marriage on Sunday also suggested Sunflower in Butter. So with that in mind, I looked for it, couldn’t find it. And if I did find it, it DOES have milk. So not sure if he had right name. Then again, he couldn’t remember the name of the brand anyways, he did say its far cheaper than normally. But eitherway, I as me sis would put it: “BINGED” on getting about 10 cartons of milk, ranging from Soya to Almond(5 of them), Hazelnut, Coconut(mmmmmmm) etc., etc.,

So then I headed onto the Outhouse. I got myself green tea ie Peppermint. mmmmmm. Then on my way out, I encountered the magazine, GCN in which I submitted a letter of an LGBT Divided, of which I submitted to the magazine.I noted the magazine has a new issue. To my surprise my publication wasn’t available. SO I said I’d email the editor and see what up?. But then throughout my struggle on the way home with the milk, that perhaps one of my mates whom I told, about the publication apparently don’t agree, and emailed the editor to NOT publish my content. I guess we’ll never know.  However I will email him and see what happens. If it so happens that it was indeed a person who has emailed behind my back to stop the publication of my content, then I shall seek Legal advice or whatever, maybe GLEN or somebody.

So then I arrived home, with a quickie of a toilet break to head off on my next errand. I then got ready and headed on off to my sis place. She’s currently in hospital as I said above. She wanted me to check the post. Of which I did. On the way to the hospital, I encountered my old friend Michael Byrne’s house who was in my High School class. Apparently he has emigrated or at the very least moved out.

I then arrived at the hospital, when I arrived, I was in the queue, and I was wondering how am I to get to see her. So as I saw a few people “sneaking in” to the area where my sis is, I said I’d try my hand. So I went to the Nurses station, and to see where she is. She was on a trolly ASLEEP. I did try to wake her. However as the Visiting Hours were for half 6 to half 7, I said i’d leave her. Considering I had arrived late.

So on my way home, I continued to looking at the Irish language signs. One such was Drom Áláinn(Dromawling). Again the name literally means “Lovely drums”, however the English is quite similar to the Irish in terms of what you see on the page.

I was then on the way home, when I said I’d pop into Mom and Dads. I then immediately got a thought that the Mulligans would be there, and they’d see the TShirt, I was wearing “which bears the slogan: Feck off out of my life. I’m with Team Panti” and that Mom would be very nervous. And then Kathleen(one of the Mulligans) would say “Remember the little agreement we had” and then I would overhear and be very disgusted. The agreement that the Mulligans would be relating to Gays. Int hat Kathleen NOT in favor of em. and wanted Mom to do something. And as Mom went to PRide(where I blurt out to all), Kathleen then threatens here with the agreement????


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