Diary 27th August 2014

Well what a night it has been. I got up quite late. About 7pm. I had asked Mom that she let me know if the Mulligans were to come down to visit. Well indeed that she did. At quarter to 5, I got a voicemail(obv when I got up), saying that they are coming down, and to wonder if I’d be able to go up. So I said, I just might do that. Now after several days to a week maybe more, showered and prepped myself.I last saw the Mulligans on the night of 31st October 2010, when I had a mental breakdown. It was the night of the breakup of my ex. Thats the last time, I saw them. So October coming, it will have been 4 years. Now quite alot has happened on both parties. On my side, as you all have been reading. But clearly quite alot has happened on Mulligans side. Aging was a main one. I hardly recognised any of them. Some I did recognise. While I was getting ready. I had a panic attack. Suddlenyl all these thoughts began flushing like mind in my head. The minute I saw em all, my heart was pumping like mad. They all shook hands. Starting from JP(Kathleen’s Son), Kathleen, Eileen(Kathleen’s Mom), and Brendan(Eileen’s hubbie). Twas wonderful to see em all. At some stage, I was thinking that I wasn’t wanted, whenever I’d say something, I would be completely ignored. Then again, it has been 4  years. So I will have to regain the relationship that I once had JUST before I came out. Then out of the blue, Kathleen was talking about tolerance in UK and the Scotland that’s wanting to divide and break away. She said stuff and one word came out well outloud. “Acceptance”. Now I was quite taken aback. I didn’t pay heed to it, didn’t even react. I just continued on chatting. We all had drinks, then we continued onto the dining area and had a bit of grub. Then Martin(Kathleen’s hubbie) asked that I help him with setting up Dad’s TV to connect to his lappy for to show pics and photos of their time here in Ireland. They’s living in England atm.

So bottomline, It was a mixture visit. Mom and Dad appreciated my help when clearing the dishes, so thats a plus. BUT when it came to the relatives, I will have to regain their relationship. I felt I was the black sheep ie a stranger. Of course they know me, but the vibes I was getting.

On the way up, thou I would like to let yee all know a little something. On the way up to the folks’ place, I was chatting on Bender a bit of distraction. There was a guy who said he’d be interested for fun, and that he’d have SAFE sex. Of which I agree. Then as with my obligation, I told him of my hepatitis B. He then replied “No thanks man”. I then replied with: “Grandie. Best wishes. Oh and btw get an education. It ain’t FUCKING C jackass”. Luckily my future bf, hopefully(all things going to plan…..) does NOT discriminate. The Irish need to get an education. I would have expected a 45 year old dude, to know of such. But apparently he didn’t.

When I got up, after getting ready for the above event, just before I went out the door, I went to check on the freezer. I had over night, had 4 basins full of BOILING hot water and put them in the freezer overnight. So when I went to check on em they were as hard as ice, no actually they had turned into Ice. I had to laugh at it. hahha. But quite frustrating at the same time. I’m trying to cleanup the kitchen etc., but when this delays, it bothers me. So when I told the visitors above, they well Dad suggested that I Unplug the fridge freezer. I was afraid of doing so, as it would affect my 10 cartons of milk. But they suggested it only would be for about an hour or so if even that. So what I’m gonna do is borrow my Dad’s roof melt burner(A machine that burns the Roof material to the ACTUAL roof).


Brendan McGraw’s search has resumed after a tip off from a member of public. He was abducted and murdered by the IRA 40yrs ago. His body hasn’t been found since. All this could change, after a member off the public tipped off a location in Co. Meath

A 9 yr old girl has accidentally killed a 39yr old Instructor by a Oozie 9mm Gun. The girl lost control when the gun was TOO powerful and accidentally shot him in the end. As a result of this, rules and regulations have been changed. Customers must be 12yrs minimum.

Christine LeGard(Former Finance Minister in France, and Managing Director of the IMO) has been put under investigation for negligence in a fraud case. She was serving the Finance Ministry portfolio at the time.


Dropbox, an online cloud storage service, has signiccincatly dropped their prices and Introudced new features.

OLD Plan          NEW Plan

100GB $10       1TB $9.99/m

200GB $20

500GB $50

New features include the ability to wipe your DropBoc DEVICE if your device has been comporimisted. What this means is if your Android device has been infected with a virus or wathever, DropBox files can be delted from the device and redownloaded to your device.

Currently for me, I’m paying Google Drive $2 for 100GB. per month. Now thats a hella lof cheaper. I ain’t sure with Dropbox’s Plans if its cheaper or not.


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