Nico’s Takeaway

Well this is gonna be a short review. I promise you guys that much. I went to my local takeaway Nicos in Fairview, literally down the road from me. I enjoy their food. The staff, are very friendly always engaging with the customers. However, I must point out the health and safety of the staff when touching food directly. I have noticed for quite awhile, that they handle food by their bear hands etc., This could be an issue. As another place in Drumcondra, had the exact same issue. I had food poisoning as a result. I complained to the Health Authorities involved with Restaurants Heath and Safety. Next minute, they were either closed down for a period, BUT bottomline, they now use gloves when handling food. Now with Nicos’ it would be a great idea, that that would be done too. ALL restaurant, takeaways in particular with all the germs from alcoholics or just general customers they need to wear protective clothing well, gloves in this  case. Bottomline, Price is right, and the Staff manners, loving it. There tends to be a bit of homophobic or at the very least Lack of knowledge of the matter. But great service. BUT NEEDS Health and Safety PRIORITY.


2 thoughts on “Nico’s Takeaway

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