As Above, So Below

Well, I must say I was most disappointed with the film. It was on my to see list. Meaning I was actually looking forward to it. Despite it being a horror genre, I had high hopes for it. However, we were treated to a history lesson(Pharaoh’s in Egypt etc., ), which I didn’t mind it. I don’t mind learning history VISUALLY. However it was all garbish or as me ma would say Gibberish. Didn’t understand a word of it. At the same time, it was also a horror film, in that we were treated to fare few scary scenes. My heart was pounding. When I was with me ex, I went through a period of loving horror and devil crap etc., However, I since have fallen out of love for it. With this particular horror, I actually expected the plot to be of similar to that say an alien comes to destroy the planet, everyone gets scared and they have to kill the alien to save humanity. Something along those lines. E.g World War Z. r Zombieland etc., etc., Bottomline is, the plot of As Above, So Below was as confusing as the next guy. From what I could gather, a reporter Scarlett(Weeks) and Benji(Hodge) are looking for some stone would ya believe it a Philosophers Stone(Which kinda makes you think, if the stone is either a real thing or a thing to do with Harry Potter series). Scarlett seeks the help from George(Papillon) which initially she refuses but eventually gets seeked in. He was to do some translation. Scarlett, George and Benji all encounter further guys. Scarlett was told to look for a Papillon(Civil) to help get into the catacombs so to get this special stone. Now when they get down, “All Yee who Enter, Are doomed”. They get into a whole hep a baloni. However one thing that was most infuriating was that everytime something bad was happening to the character, the audience would be laughing or whatever. Now normally in a film, if there is a character in a heap of baloni etc., etc., or being shot or having his throat sliced, it would actually be quite the OPPOSITE. The audience would be in total awww and OMG kinda thing. IMDB Forums reminded, me being claustrophobic. I felt like that throughout.


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