Diary 28th August 2014

Well after a brief sleep of about 2 half hour sleep. I set about heading off to the movies. I first stopped by Into the Storm(Review here). Then I popped into the Outhouse. I saw Brendan S. Twas great to see him. I also saw Mike Kelly too. Great to see him too. Brendan was gonna come to the next film, however due to it being finished late, ie for the bus, he decided against it. So I went to see The Expendables 3(Review here).

YesterdayΒ when I was at my nerves ending with The Mulligans and the Dots(Eileen and Brendan), I noted that JP(Kathleen’s Son), was drinking Hennessy. Says I to himself. “Good on ya boi”.

Then I popped into Nico’s Takeaway(Review here), then I headed on home. heheeh. When I got back, I came back to a BLUE Screen on my TV. I attempted to change channels, but that didn’t work. Yet when I was recording, they played. I then attempted to record a bit of a show. That didn’t work properly. So I jsut reset the box as advised on the Sky Forum.

While listening to Music videos on the TV from Vintage TV(Great channel might I add), I was posting as a status for EVERY song I was listening. My mate Todd, was getting very annoyed with the amount of Notifications. He thought it was an app or something, which I still think he does. But anyways, IN the past, I have tried using Facebook’s settings whereby you can leave a person out of a particular post, therefore they wouldn’t see it at all. He was under the illusion that he shouldn’t have to disable my notifications until I have stopped. Then I said I try and experiment. So I went ahead and posted a song, WITH the audience of Friends MINUS my friend Todd. So it posted as normal. I asked him and some other guy and my sis too. If they each got a notifications or at least to let me know what was the latest post they could see. I was delighted that it had actually worked. Facebook apparently have changed their settings. Cause the last time, I attempted to leave a person out, it would revert to Only Me, therefore NO one getting the notification let alone the post in question.


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