Diary 29th August 2014

Well I had plans made to meet Brendan O’ F. Lovely to see him. Initially we were to meet Daniel. The last time I saw him was at Joseph. I was most looking forward to see him. However O’ Farrell has since told me that he can’t make it. I initially thought it was because of the weather(like it was raining). So eitherway we got the tickets. WE were to see As Above, So Below(Review here).

As you will gather from the review, I most certainly was not impressed. So I invited Brendan for a drink. We were gonna have it the cinema, but he suggested Panti. I had Southern Comfort. Twas absolutely lovely. While their, we chatted for a bit. I told Brendan of a potential date, that I may have. He wished me the best of luck or as he puts it: “I’m happy for it”. More than I can say of other people. Then I showed him a WEIRD message I got on Grindr. Scared the shite outta me. It read along the lines of “You have been located” etc., etc., He immediately told me it was a scam. So then, I suggested that we go to another film. As I wanted to something more cheerful and of course FOOD. hahaha. So he suggested Sin City 2: The Dame Killer(Review here). After the film, I accompanied Brendan to Harcourt St where he continued on his long hour or so long walk.

I stayed up for the night. I was expecting to go to bed early afternoon.


Malaysian Airlines is relaunching. It is going to be COMPLETELY State owned by the Government  of Malaysian. Currently 6000 jobs will be lost. They are to slash long haul routes. And also a new Chief Executive



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