Diary 31st August 2014

I hadn’t had a dream after a long time. Here’s the latest dream I had last ngiht. I’m on a  road walking, along in Ukraine, to be precise Donetske. The road then subdivides. Then you’d swear I was in a war zone or something.

I have noticed that something by means of a pattern. In that if i’m under stress, or i’m upset about something then I dream. Well as you can gather, my sis’ condition doesn’t help(although she is improving), added ontop of that my ex cheating on me, as I found out yesterday, then there is the little matter of the stigma that is rampant of Hepatitis B. Put all that into a pot, I bet you all it will get burned. Thats quite hella of lot alrite.

My first port of call was to go ahead to a meetup group known as DIGs(Dublin International Gays) in the Morrison Hotel on Dublin’s Ormond Quay. Was great to see some familiar faces. Some were delighted to see me. Others NOT so much. But hey whatever. ahahaha.

So then on the way back, I called up to my folks. On the way, I encountered a work fence wide opened. Funny thought came by to me. In that continuously looking at my cell phone and I unwittingly walk in the a dead end hence why the work fence is put up int he first place. I laugh outrageously and splitting my sides from laughing. So then I arrived at Mom and Dads. WE chatted for a bit. I borrowed my Dad’s Roof fire device. It allows to burn the Roof covering to the actual roof. I had a bit to eat. Mom left me down to my sis.

Twas wonderful to see my sis. I told her of my ex’s infidelity. I asked her to define the term: “Cheat”. What she said was quite remarkable. In that Offline Or ONLINE. From what I understand, if there’s any “touching” to another guy, that classifies as cheating. So am assuming that when my ex’s met up with his date Friday(the day he told me was shopping and he was up with his few “friends”), that would have hugged or at least kissed each other, private or whatever.

SO when I got home from my sis, I began to use my Dad’s tool that he lent me. I took everything out of the fridge AND the freezer sections. Cause I was getting fed up of the shelvings in the freezer not being able to move. Although I did manage to get two of em out during the week. The last one was being a bitch to me. So I set things up as follows. I filled my shower full of water on the basin where you stand and blocked the shower so that the water wouldn’t go down. Little did that work thou. The reason I did so, was to keep all my fridge aspect cool. I had my fridge contents ie Milk etc., in the sink. However with the heat of the Roof device, I had to transfer em. So that I did. However that didn’t work at all, as I tried several items. The water kept going down the shower. So I was fretting as to how am I gonna keep my fridge items intact. Then The same went for the fridge. As I had to refreeze(which is not the best for some food items – so wish me the best of luck that I don’t get the runs, when I go to eat em later on). This took a full hour. SO after an hour, I was delighted with the results. Its all sorted now.

I went to get my lunch(I know, I know: the time – whatever. hahahaaha), I made my pasta(the premade one where you but boiling water and put it on the hob). I went to get my alcohol drink of Smirnoff Lime. Now here’s me thinking I don’t need a mixer(ie OJ, Coke etc.,), I just poured myself a full glass of the stuff. Well by jasus I was not expecting that alrite. So strong. So I just throw it out. As I hadn’t any mixer.


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