Diary 3rd September 2014

Just about as I was to close up for the night, I noted 1 of 2 things. 2nd will b in due course. I was going through my notifications as per usual on Facebook. One of the notifications was that the Morrison Hotel had actually replied back to my review.

Here’s there reply:

“Thank you for your feedback Georgian Stanescu. We are truly disappointed with your experience in the Bar. I can assure you this not the level of service we provide on day to day basis.

We have the same menu operating between our Bar & Restaurant allowing guests to choose their preferred area in the Hotel.

We have passed on your feedback to the restaurant manager in regards to service and price of the tea. He would like you meet you in person on your next visit to the hotel so he can learn more from your experience and hopefully offer you the perfect cup of tea.”

I’m still pondering as to what to do etc.,

And my 2nd item before I went off to sleepy bye, I was trying to block Mark and my ex ie the cheater tos ee if they could get off my followers. Then unblock. I have this insane ideas NOT to have any one in my block lsit on any website.

I was chatting to a guy on Bendr. And likewise on Blendr. One portrayed himself to be of big and hairy, while the other purported to be sweet and kind. How freaky that was when I realsied it was actually the same guy. I had asked the guy on Bendr does he have a face pic, like I do with any guy. He said am I on Blendr as well. Like do I chat on other sites. etc., etc., I guess Cat fish still exists etc., hahahaha.


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