Diary 4th September 2014

Following are the dreams I had last night.

WE’re marching down O’ Connell St., Then I encounter trouble with opening my Quorn Ham. So I ask someone. When they tell me cool. Then me and my buddy is with me in the Secret Garden. It’s circular in shape with plants everywhere. However magic arises when my buddy presses something. Then I’m in trouble when dandelions etc are trying to eat me. So my friend attacks the guy who is controlling the giant. My friend defeats him and in turn the giant, falls over the ledge. I then strip down as it’s a nudist colony. However I see a cute guy from far and wide in swim trunks with some girl. Now funny thing is this particular place, ie the Circular Secret Garden, I have had this particular dream or place before in the past.

I then eventually got up. I was just gonna stay on. However I wanted to get Fair City as there’s a gay character coming out. And I didn’t want to miss it. So I started to get ready. I was between of not bothering with Lidls or not. If I miss the Inflatable ball, big whoops etc., I had forgotten to get up for 7am as I explained in a previous entry that I shall be getting up or staying up for Lidl or Aldi. Well this morning I actually had forgotten.

So onwards and upwards to errands. My first was to get a second key cut for my sis, as she has since lost my original key that I copied for her. So I went into Ryan’s Hardware. I had my phone positioned so that the clerk could see my photo I had on Swarm(Formerly Foursquare). I was changing my Profile PIc. He complimented nicely on it. I was well chuffed.

So then I went onto Drumcondra Credit Union to get a €100 quid for the Lidls items. While there, I noted on my received that my Irish name ie George was on my Account. So I asked that I changed it to my Romanian name. ie Georgian.

Then I went back home to my gaf, to free up some space, as this time, I wanted to get the news, again for the same reason that my box was low. Actually to zilch.

So I set about again to get my grub in Lilds. I got my stuff. TO my surprise, I was actually surprised that the stuff I wanted was there. I got the last two items, of the Deep Fat Fryer. and the Inflatable Balls ie the Exercise Maps.

It was my intention to go and see Lucy and some other movie, of which I cannot remember. Lucy was beginning at half 6. However, as I was starving me guts, I headed to the Outhouse. Initially it was for just a quickie ie cuppa green tea. I encountered Dave. (Not the guy behind the counter). Hes a lovely guy. WE chatted for a bit. Then I also encountered Ronan. Hadn’t seen him in ages. The last time I had seen Ronan was for Guardian’s of the Galaxy(Review here) back in mid August. So the three of us chatted amongst each other. Twas great. I was getting a pot of tea for Dave. While getting milk for the tea, Mike who was behing the counter, was figuring out why he wasn’t getting any milk  out of the machine. Well when he realsied what the true extent was, I got the fits of laughing. The carton of milk was inside the machine where the milk is suppose to come out of. It was so funny. Then I headed on to get ready for the next showing of Lucy for 8pm. Shortly before doing so, I was just about heading out to get ready, when I got enticed to a great but sad topic. The topic being HIV JUDGMENTAL people. MY friend Dave told me that when he was at Men’s Night last that he was totally disgusted with how the gays, the men were being totally judgmental towards HIV. I can clearly relate. While I don’t have HIV, I have its next neighbor the Hepatitis B. I was completely intrigued. And in that I learned that with the meds, that you must take them like a religion. His attitude towards the HIV, is that he DON’t tell for casual or SEX partners BUT for RELATIONSHIP yes, a biggie. I was quite intrigued, and pondered to myself, should I do this. Cause If I NEVER told anyone, about my Hepatitis, that I would have buckets of sex all the time. But I was advised that I let my partners know in advanced. With his HIV he takes meds every single day. He told me that at one stage being with HIV you had a 50% chance of living. These days, over 90% of living a perfectly naturally healthy life. He also told me that if he weren’t to take the meds, that he would be in critical condition. You see that’s what the world needs. A guy like Dave here. To EDUCATE gays and guys alike. Like I have been preaching this continuously over the years. We need a guy like Dave to educate us all. I recently myself said to a guy on Bender, to go an educate himself. So then at Men’s Night, Dave also reveled something startling, in that a VERY CLOSE friend of mine, had said something along the lines that HIV is diseased etc., etc., in other words he was being judgmental. I was so surprised to hear of such. And still can’t.

So Brendan Searson came along, and was joined by us. However as I was in a hurry for the film, I popped along to the cinema, however  I was too late. So I looked at the time for the next time for Into the Storm(Review here). And it wasn’t for another hour and a half, at Half 9. So I headed back into the Outhouse. And had more cuppa teas and a sandwich etc.,

So then I bumped into another “Friend”. He was meeting some guy for what was supposedly for a date or whatever, the guy invited him to his place. Where I would have expected to meet in a public place like Waterford City or Dublin or whatever. Well I yet got into another fit, when I put the idea of him showing the ropes of Waterford City. I instead got the fits of the guy showing his privates as a tour of Waterford city.

SO then after such a wonderful time, at the Outhouse, I headed onto the cinema to see Into the Storm. I had 2 bags from the Lidls shopping. A staff member of whom I don’t recognsie asked if I needed help in bringing them to the screen. Come to think of it, another member of staff again whom I don’t recognsie also asked gave the suggestion that I didn’t want to distub anyone. She asked when getting a ticket, what seating would I like. I said middle of the middle. However she suggested perhaps one where you wouldn’t be distubing anyone. I was quite bemused and well chuffed.

Oh what a night it it was hahaha.To think I was gonna miss such a great night. I think not. haahahah


Joan Rivers an American comedian has passed away. She suffered a cardiac arrest within the last week. Her daughter announced her passing this morning(Irish time)

Tech News

Following are the products that Samsung launched at the IFA in Berlin.

Galaxy Note 4 – Samsung’s flagship Phablet product. I have the older variant. Loving every minute of it.

Galaxy Note Edge

Gear VR(Virtual Reality Headset)


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