Sex Tape

I popped along with a group to see Sex Tape. It was outrageously hilarious. I was breaking my sies laughing. To the point, I thought my back would give out. hahaha. It centered around a couple who was sex mad in earlier years. Annie(Diaz) introduces the film by at the same time Blogging. eheehh. She tells us all how sex mad they were and still are. Then when the children came along it took slightly more effort to get sex. Then Jay(Segal – Who might I add has either changed or aged so much, that I hardly recognsied him). In fact I took to him in the film. The last I would have seen him was in How I Met Your Mother. As we later learn that the reason t hey made the Sex Tape was to fill a void in their lives. We learned this from non other than staff(Black). They first learn of the Sex Tape being “leaked” onto the web, at a Childrens’ party of some form, when Jay gets a text, saying that he loves the video etc., So the couple go on a frantic search. During the search, it is explained Β that Jay’s job has something to do with iPads, and hence he used the iPad to record the sex acts. Then it is explained to us, that anything that’s on the iPad is synced to the Cloud using an “awesome” app Frankensync. So it got out onto the web. They turned to their neighbors, Tess(Kemper) and Robby(Corddry) thinking they are the ones who sent the text initially. When they learned it wasn’t, they just went around wanting ALL the iPads back to delete the video. Jay gave it to his Mom(Waldman), from Annie’s boss Hank(Lowe), from Tess and Robby. It is then revealed that it is Tess’ and Robby’s kid Howard(Holzer), was the one who actually sent the text. He blackmailed Jay to get $25,000. When he refused, he uploaded to YouPorn site etc., etc.,.So with all the shenanigans, I can’t really fault the film. You are warned by means of the Censorship(Irish Film Board), with the language and content. Bottomline, Very good. Great plot. Most enjoyable. Great to see Segals(almost) little friend. heeheh

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