Diary 10th September 2014

Well as I hadn’t gone to bed yet, I was doing a few items. I then headed to bed.

So I then got up for Lucy(Review here). However, the film time was at 21.00, so I could handle that then. Then I saw the film time had changed. So I said crap, shame alrite. So I then attempted to try and get up for the earlier time and if failed, I’d go and see some other film. But bottomline, as it happens, I literally slept it out.

So I saw that the time was nearing midnight. So I said fuck it, am just gonna head off and continue. And which I did. Then my next worry was taping Ros na Run Orga. But as it happens, I overslept that. And my next and final worry was Fair City. Which currently has a gay lesbian coming out storyline atm.


Former Minsiter of the ENvionment Phil HOgan TD has been appointed for Europea’s Agriculture Commission. He is one of 28 Commisiioners. He is under Jean-Claude Juncker(Former Luxermbourge)



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