One word came out of the cinema with me. Science. The plot of the story is Lucy(Johansen) is abducted and to be used as a drug mule. The crowd literally put the bag of CHG4 into her body under her abdomen. I didn’t care thou for OPERATIONS onscreen. Again I repeat, if you want to see that sort of thing, go and look at Grays Anatomy or whatever. The producers shud take into consideration that NOT EVERYONE is into seeing blood or the opening of a body. The amount of disgust and quisy that I could hear beside me etc., Again the I didn’t mind it. There’s only a certain amount a person can take. Like seeing a body being cut open on camera, and Lucy NOT feeling pain. That is the plot thou. Other than that, I found the film to be of excellent value and education. I was delighted to see the film travelling back in time, even to the point of how the Earth was made. I most impressed with that. Put simply, Lucy was used as a drug mule to transport from one city to another etc., etc., But things went awkwardly wrong, as Lucy(Johansan) was kicked in the stomach, where the stuff, the CHG4 was implanted in her abdomen.

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