The Guest

Well what a film this was. We were treated to gore, and excitement. My heart pumping like mad. It was unreal. My friend who joined me wasn’t that impressed. Oh and another extra that I was impressed was the HOTNESS of Dan Stevens the guy who played David. The plot was the only thing that I could fault. The only thing I got from the plot was, that a guy(Stevens) came to a house from the war. He claimed that he was at war with Caleb a guy who had died in the war or something. He stayed with a family. Mom(Sheila), Luke(Meyer), Anna(Monroe), Dad(Orser),Major Carver(Reddick), Kristen(Shaun). From what I could gather, David moved in with the family. He stood up for the family, helped them out etc., etc., I was most intrigued with the Hate Crime. How this came about, was that Luke was looking somethign up on Lappy. Then a jackass of a bigot, ย called him a “faggot”. He didn’t take heed of it. However when the bully saw that he was looking up Plastic surgery, he accused Luke of wanting a sex change. So he beat up the jock/bigot/bully. And of course there was punishment to be sentenced. So then the principal wanted to expell him for “zero tolerance violent”. However David was quick to point out, “Luke, what did the kid call you”. The princeipal trying to dismiss the whole thing “I believe faggot was used”. He literally preached Hate Crime. I’m most impressed. Great action, no question. There was a bit gore alrite, but nothing major to report. However that said, we still don’t know what exactly he was. We were left all puzzled, at the end when there was a confrontation between Luke, Anna and David, Luke stabbed David several times. I would and the rest of us would agree, that he would have died. However, we saw him coming out as a fireman, when an Official fireman said that there were only 2 Bodies found. The School guy and the Black guy as I call him but as it happens it was the Major Carver. Firstly he does a great job of standing up for Luke initially. By ordering them Cosmopolitans(apparently a gay drink, something like that), and Blowjob…..for the girls. So he beats them up. Then next Anna invites(with hesitation) to a party. Anna’s friend Kristen’s ex, makes trouble, however David helps out. Then later on, the baddiness of him occurs. As I said above, a confrontation occurs between Major Carver and himself. So yeah great action, no doubt.


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