Diary 16th September 2014

I got up today a bit tired. Nothing new. hahaha. I first headed to An Post as per normal. Then I headed onto AIB, to lodge in the cash. I noticed a guy who was queuing up behind me, was still queuing even thou there was a machine available which I found to be abnormal. I then joked tot he security guard who was smoking, there’s your music outside. There was a guy who was blaring his music from the car. hahaha. I went to Llloyd Pharmacy with a view of getting Razors for to shave me chest and legs, as I apparently am allergic to Gilletts. They didn’t have it.

Then I went home for an hr. I then headed off to see my sis. We had a great chat and laughs. Mom got us Takeouts. haaha. I was getting stuff for my sis, in Tescos. When there were these 2 brats or whatever u wanna call em, were messing around. My heart was pumping with NERVES when I asked them Do you want something, I thought they were trying to rob me or something. They were just trowing rubbish in the bin. I then arrived at my sis.

I then headed back after a few hrs with being with my sis. I was looking at TV and saw a quite an interesting part of the current affairs program Prime Time. It was mentioned from what I gather, that If Scotland were to break from the United Kingdom and there was NO Violence, whereas when Ireland broke away from the United Kingdom 100 years ago today(Home Rule), plenny of violence ensued in years after, and sometimes it still does.

While I was doing my normal everyday Internet and Facebooking etc., Chrome decided to have a field day with me. In that crashing and crashing etc., However, as I added extra tabs it decided to give me a surprise in that not only with crashing, the whole Lappy went blank etc., disabling me from using programs etc., So bottomline, I lost all the tabs :(. So until next time, God forbid. hahaha.


Isntead of An Garda Siochana manning the Immigration boots, it will be manned by civilians, which I take it means staff and employees by either the Dublin Airport Autrouirirt or more than likely, well that makes sense, the INIS(Immigraiton Service).


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