Diary 18th September 2014

Well I haven’t slept yet. heheheeh.

I was to meet my friend Seamus, of whom I haven’t seen in years. Due to my depression and my coming out I had unfreinded him. I didn’t want any straight people in my life at the time. I had been involved with a Youth group called 20Somethings. A Religion group where we go on pilgrimages etc., I was involved in with them briefly. The last time I was with teh group was we were to go on a Pilgrimage to Isarel ie Holy Land. However when I told my Mom, she said NO WAY. We met in Bushfield the hotel on Kildare St. Then I met him I think before the group or after, for a cuppa in Bewleys on Grafton St., That’s the last time I recall seeing him. WE of course were on Facebook since then. I had removed him as I said above for mental health reasons.

So I met up with him at the Cone(That’s what I like to call the Spire(Monument of Light)). I just find the cone name so cute. heheheeh. We then met up and headed on over to Starbucks. I was trying to remember the name of the drink that my friend Vincent from Foursquare. He had posted on his account a drink that I never heard of and it had something like Early Grey Tea. I looked nervously while the sales guy looking at me. So I let someone else ahead of us. Seamus got his stuff, and I eventually found it. I asked if they had Matcha Tea(No they didn’t have that) then I eventually found the drink I was looking for. London Fog. It consists of Earl Grey Tea and Vanilla Syrup. Then later on, I had the Vegetarian Pesto sandwich. We chatted and chatted for hours. I had told him that while int he toilet, that I noticed the lighting was of neon lighting. To get into the toilet, we needed a code which was on the ticket. Clever i says. THen the lighting was very neon as I said, and I of course understand why. Its used to catch drug users etc., However it would give a fit for an epileptic person. NO QUESTION. Then he was telling me the guy who’s in his Seamus’ group and is GAY and yet is AGAINST Gay Marriage. Personally I don’t quite understand it why. Like your Gay and your DENYING yourself the basic human right. and that is the Basic Human Right of To LOVE. So after chatting for several hours, I actually CONNECTED with him, its like we were meant to be best buddies. He’s definitely on my Christmas Cards Lists. hahaah.

While I was with Seamus, I got a call from Mom, of which I missed, so I attempted to ring her back. Bottomline, I rang Dad and he said “Call up to us, WE HAVE THINGS TO DISCUSS”. I was frightened the shite of me life. I thought he was gonna enforce the getting rid of my Beloved Inflatables etc., I headed home to charge my phone for a bit. Then headed on up. But as it happens, they are still adamant that I move out. Cause now I’ve a new complaint. My Jnr(WINK, WINK p His name’s Georgian Jnr.) in thtat its itchy. My sis told me its thrush. I said I have’tn had sex in years. Oh don’t get me wrong, I have been trying haaha. But its actually from my gaf. So they have set a plan. BUT I’m still adamant on having Sky with me, IF I EVER MOVE that is.


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