Diary 20th September 2014

Well what a day I had. Things not going well recently. Not sure why. But today was no better. It all started when I had just about 2 hrs sleep. Today there was an event in the Outhouse, whereby Gear Ireland were selling stuff.

I had been planning on buying a few stuff such as Undies and what nots. However, as I failed to get money from my Credit Union on Friday(as I didn’t get up in time), I didn’t have the cash. But eitherway, I went over to have a looksie. But bitterly disappointed.

So then my next task was to go to the Cineworld Craicheads meetup. I can’t remember the last time I was at this particular meetup. Not a as long as the Veggie meetup. The last film I had scene with Cineworld Craicheads was Maleficient. (Review here). I had understood the meetup was at 5.10 and film at 5.40. However, when I went over to get the tickets, I was told that the film was actually at 6.20pm. The film I was to see today was The Guest(Review here.)So I trawled myself back to the Outhouse. As I hadn’t had anything as I had only got up, I had hoped to get a cuppa tea(ahema, Green Tea). However I was too late. Outhouse closes earlier on a Saturday at 6. They stop serving a half hour before closing time. However I had arrived just on the dot of half 5, after realizing my mistake. Dave who was serving behind the counter, was apologizing profusely. So while I was at the Outhouse, I encountered Severn. Everytime, I bump into him or whatever, he keeps referring to how’s my boyfriend, when everyone in the  whole universe knows, that I don’t. So then while sitting down with him with another group he then somehow referring to str8 being normal or whatever. I consider every living human being normal. Gay, Straight, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Disabled, Abled etc., etc., .

So then, I headed back to the cinema, where I met Eoghan. As I hadn’t seen him in such a very long time, he had changed haircut wise etc., He joked that he’s got cancer. Of which I didn’t  find funny. I said it ain’t a joke. Considering my Mom’s friend died horribly in pain of Lymphatic Cancer, My Uncle died of Bowl Cancer, My Dad’s friend I think died of Bowl cancer too. So you see making a joke of cancer ain’t funny one bit. Was great to see him after such a long time. I met up with him along with Robert from Adam’s old meetup group Dublin Film Fanatics, Ann whom I personally took the liberty and pleasure of meeting her. She own’s the Cineworld Breakfast Club and her own Co-Owner of the group Amina. After the film, Robert headed on home, So Eoghan and I chatted for a  bit. I was looking at a very cute guy who is a Brazilian. He said that Oh so u don’t mind dark skin, I said nope, I don’t mind black, white pink etc., and he immediately said and add foreskin. Immediately I got the joke. IT was hilarious. He himself was looking at women too. heheehe.

So then after Eoghan headed on home and after our we chat, we dispersed. I headed onto to see The Giver(Review here)

Whilst looking at TV, after I settled my computer issues, I went thorough me 99 FB Notifications AND on my Gaming, Sex and General FB I then saw that I had bookmarked my friend Seamus’ Blog. I read his latest post. of which he mentioned that and I quote: “Gays should not hate or fight with other Gays that don’t agree with there of against Gay Marriage”. Bottomline, as I said in the past, If we are to win the Referendum, we had to stick together and fight together, NOT the opposite. I can’t understand and never will, a gay person OPPOSING Gay Marriage. If he don’t want it, then that’s his business, his opinion. Don’t bring the whole country down. If for whatever reason, that the Referendum does actually win DESPITE this abnormalcy if a section of LGBT opposing us, then, Ireland is the most strangest country int he world.

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