Diary 21st September 2014

Well today, I got up slightly later than scheduled. I was due to get up for 5ish so that I could go and shower, however I went to bed too late. hahah. What’s new. So then I got up later than scheduled further to 5 missed calls from me sis. And was found that my sis was telling me that Mom was on her way down to me, to find out if I were wanting to take the house ie rent it if it were to be available. This is what Mom, Dad and I were discussing on the phone last Thurs. After Seamus’ wonderful meetup, I rang em back and I quote: “We have things to discuss”, As it happens its that they had a payment plan for me as the Govt, wouldn’t pay me my Rent Allowance for 700 a month. No question. So when Mom asked me on the phone, I said No.

So then I got up and headed off to see me sis. I didn’t get to shower :(. So I just headed on off, as I got up late as in the time, I was spoz to be with my sis. Mom left us a takeout. Yet I still failed to take a pic of the takeout for to review on my blog. I keep forgetting. hahaaha. So both of us looked at Two and A Half Men for the night

As I was finishing up for the night. I was checking my notifications on FB. And it came up as “Page Not Found”. Something like that. Which I kinda have been noticing this of late. A friend of mine liked a link. And that error came up. So I asked him for curiosity reasons, what it was. He replied. So I then went onto my own profile. And found that it was there. So I then rechecked the notifications itself. Low and Behold. What do I find it came back. So wtf like, right. Or as my American’s would say ikr(I know Right!!!!!) ahahha.

Oh and guess who’s making a come back into my life. Thou they have me surrounded etc., but they have been feeling left out ie, not showing enough LOVE. As I can’t get sex from guys as a result of my Hepatitis B, I have decided to NOT BOTHER running after guys. I have my hands that do the job for me and my porn collection. BUT in terms of the ACTUAL love, yeah am actually talking about my BELOVED INFLATABLES. This came about when I was describing the love they showed me when they saved me from my suicide attempt earlier this year. So yeah LONG LIVE INFLATABLES. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I’m in the process of blowing up Peppi again. heeheheeheh

I was looking at Ireland AM’s 15th Anniversary celebrations. Parts of it was the Outtakes, ie Bloopers. Well theys were so funny. Splitting me sides laughing. One in particular, Alan who is one of the presenters of the show was doing the Cooking segment. He was putting his cooking on a device known as the Vibration Belt. However he called it the Vibrator. It was hilarious. Another was that Sinead and Mark(both presenters of the show) were presenting the Newspaper segment. However one of the staff members blocked Sinead’s view, so that the Viewers couldn’t see her BUT just Mark. However the staff member blocked again blocking BOTH. And finally Mark was finishing the show when he said “If you’ve just had sex…” he said the wrong word. And the laughs that came out of em. Alan, Sinead. Both of em said “Good on ya, Good on ya”


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