Diary 22nd September 2014

Well today was kinda hampered. By that I had things on my mind. Mainly financially. I was wanting to get products in LIdls. But as a result of me not getting up in time for the Credit Union, I couldn’t get the Gear on Saturday. Bitterly disappointed with that, and now possibly the products mainly clothes and houseware MIGHTNED be available as I hadn’t the cash. For today Monday. The Credit Union ain’t open on a Monday. So that’s a bummer. So I just stayed on in bed. NOT realising that I was late for the PDC Course I’m currently doing. They have strict policies, whereby if I don’t tell them in advanced that I’m unable to make it, TWICE, they will strike me off the course.

It was a bit of a bummer, that I was about half or so late. I apologiest to the facilitators for being late. So with that sorted, the class continued.

WE were all asked what would be our reaction if a parcel was left in your bedroom and it neatly wrapped. The majority of the group had intiatil negative thinking, however with me I had said: “Thoughtful of them”. Others came up with wondering w hats’ in it, who left it, etc.,

I bumped into Brendan S previous and he waited around. He went to see The Giver(Review here). So I stayed with him for awhile. Walked with him to the bus. While waiting, I encountered a black guy in a tank top. He’ was so delicious. mmmm

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