Diary 24th September 2014

Well what a day I had today. heheeh. Twas quite pleasant. Although it started negative in that I got up slightly late. I was to meet Brendan O’ F for The Wizard of Oz(Review here).

We then headed to McDonalds for a grub. I had hoped they had Green Tea, but they didn’t. So then I saw the dirty look the security guard was giving us. Says I to ย Brendan, he’s got the manners of a pig. He continuously to look so.

So then afterwards, we both headed onto our next movie, A Walk Among The Tombstone. (Review here). Then after the film, we both headed to McDonalds a different branch, as I was feeling parched from the popcorn. Making me thirsty. WE chatted for a bit. Brendan was mentioning that he is fed up with showing his mother how to work stuff, DVD Player etc., I said same as my lot. I then put it to him that could it be that she wants you to do something with your day. He then came up with a bizarr idea that could my aunty and my mom be keeping tabs on me. And that if my Aunty(Nun) were to download the app Grindr, to keep an eye on me. Well the laughter that came outta me. It was priceless alrite. haahaha. Imagine if my Aunt’s as she’s a NUn who lives with other nuns too, imagine if they were to have come across her Grindr App. hahaha. And come to think of it, Grindr recently have come down on the heavy of FAKE profiles. ANd its also for MEN anyways. But great laugh eitherway. hahaah. So then we both headed on off. On our way, we encountered first a crime scene on the quays. And secondly several Haulage lorrys trucks etc., hauling huge cargo. It was found in the end that they were actually VATS for the Guinness Brewery being renovated or whatever. We asked the security guy who first said Diageo(Company who owns Guinness) and then we asked a cop who smartly sarcastically saying its NASA. I knew it was total bull. I can’t for the life of me, even wonder why he first thought to be sarcastic with us. Like considering Brendan did think it could have been the Metro North or whatever.



India has made history by launching its very first space craft to Mars. It is the 4th country int he world to have done such in a whats now known as to be ever increasing in space craft launching.


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