Diary 25th September 2014

Well, it was my intention to head to the movies to see The Giver(Review here). However, I was tired. Jinxed out. hahaha. So I slept on. I did get a visit from my Mom, however, due to her misunderstanding of the visits of the Americans ie Jim and Jane and my no show last Tuesday, I didn’t answer and just stayed on. I eventually got up at midnight.

I have been looking at TV and Norway Massacre. Quite informative however. And the lack of communication that could have saved those 77 ppl. etc., etc., Then it was time for some delicious ways in how food is manufactured. etc., etc.,

In recent days, I have been going through some archival tabs ie Notifications on my sex FB in particular. I have noticed thou recently on Lappy, that when I go to save and image it literally freezes ie, literally don’t do nothing. So to combat that, I have decided to use FB Mobile to deal with Pics instead of Lappy. And upload the pics from my cell.

While looking at TV after the Series such as the above ie Seconds from Disaster etc., I then started on the news. I get TV3 News from the On Demand service ie CatchUp. So while downloading, it was acting up. Don’t know why??


Blackberry has launched The Passport, in a bid to get back into Profitability.

the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6+ will be available to order in Ireland from the 25th September. It already has ran into two hitches even before its been made available. The iOS Update to iOS 8 has been withdrawn from the market as users complaint that their Bluetooth and their Network and of course the Finger Print reader had been disabled. The iPhone itself has also been marred in controversy, in that when users were having the iPhone in their pockets it would be bent ie Bend. The social media has dubbed it BendGate.


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