Diary 30th September 2013

Well I was due to get my dole, however I decided against getting it today as I could get it on the way to the cinema. I haven’t been down in Drumcondra for awhile now. So it’ll give me an excuse alrite. hahaahha.

So with that, I headed on to sleep continuously. I had a wee bit of a dream. Nothing major to report. I had dreamt of a former friend of mine. I met him in Rosmini my former high school along with another mate of mine of whom I can’t remember. We are at the cinema. heeheh. Sure where else would I be. hehehe


Today ahead of tomorrow commencement, the new water charges were announced by the Commission for Energy Regulation. All water bills will be capped for 9 months, extended by 3months from 6months. This means that we will NOT be metered for the first nine months. It also means that it will NOT go over below charges

€176 per adult

€102 per additional adult

Children are free

2 Adults and 2 YOUNG children: €278

2 Adults and 2 OVER 18s: €483

Those with the boil water notices eg Roscommon etc., will be free. However the Waste water Service will be charged.

After the 9 months, the metering will take affect, with the following rates

Water Supply & Waste Water: €4.88 per 1,000 Ltrs

Water Supply & NO Waste Water ie You have your own Septic Tank:  €2.44 per 1,000 Ltrs

Day to Day Basis Rates ie Usage of water around the home

Flush of the toilet 0.04c(however with newer models it will be cheaper)

5 min Shower .17c, however with a  power shower it will be .60c for 5mins

Bath .39c

Washing Machine: .30c

Dish Washer: .10c

Households will be given a free allowance of 30,000 Ltrs per household. A child will be given up to 21,000 Ltr. 30,000 Ltrs equates to a shower.

If you own a second home, a Non-Primary charge will be charged at €125


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